Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vacation winding down

Today is the last day of my stay at home vacation. Did I enjoy it?  Parts of it I really like, but   Chris has been sick since Sunday.  Don't know if he has a bad Summer cold or bronchitis.  Because of this, we haven't been able to do some of the things I'd planned.  I've mainly stayed around home just to keep tabs on him and to make sure the dogs didn't bother him when he was resting.  I did go out to buy dog food (Frodo is picky and of course after buying 6 cans of Gravy Train he's decided not to eat it), special food for my poor sick husband, trips to the post office, and even went to Average Joes with my sister and her friends for music trivia.  I also got to spend more time playing with resin and molds and beading.  This week, I got all kinds of new molds in, and just yesterday Cynthia sent me some great skull molds that I want to pour today.  The weather is outrageously hot for the first part of June so we are already prisoners of air conditioning.  I think Ohio really only has about 3 months out of the year where we can have the windows open with fresh air and do something fun outdoors. 

Dinosaur molds curing

I also have been working on a necklace from Sherry Serafini's book.  Last night, I worked on it more and will have another give away starting soon of not one but two of Sherry's books.  Keep watching as everyone needs one of these for their beading library

Beads, wine, and Sherry's book for a fun evening
Synergy project has been coming along great too.  I got the turtle stand done and mounted the doll on it.  I have a little tweaking to do to finish it up.  I also want to mount it onto some foam core board with distressed Tyvek to simulate water.  And I do have a few pearls and beads to add to that.  Then it all goes to my Synergy partner to put her lamp work beads onto it and then off it goes to the competition.  I have a feeling it is going to be a hit.

Belle Island Aquarium piece for "Bead Detroit"

Cyndy Goshman's lampwork flowers


Georgina said...

All I can say is, "WOW!!"

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Do you EVER stop? Your staycation was a buzication!! We are having that same heat, but I must admit I love to be outside in it out working in the long as I can wear shorts and a tank top, I'm good.

Lots of people around here have been getting summer colds. Maybe going from air cond. to 95 degrees and back in is why. Hope your husband gets to feeling better quickly. These summer bugs can hang on way to long.
xx, Carol

flyingbeader said...

No I can't! I am obsessed!

Larissa said...

Dot I *really* love your color combo on that necklace. If it suddenly "disappears" I may or may not have it around my neck. ;)