Monday, June 11, 2012

Day Two-Vacation!

Had a wonderful sleep and woke up to three hungry dogs.  Chris let me have an extra hour of sleep, so I woke up well rested and ready for the day.  He decided to go back to bed, so that gave me the time to spend three hours cleaning my work desk down in the basement studio.  I hadn't been down there in over three weeks and stuff was piled so high that I couldn't find anything.  Under the table was an old sewing machine that Chris was working on for me and then piles and piles of fabric, beads, and everything under the sun including the moon!
I found these piled under so much stuff
What a big big mess
And there was more under the desk
After cleaning all that and actually finding some things that needs my attention, I went over to my sister's house to celebrate her youngest daughter's graduation from high school.  It was a very hot day, but my sister's home has lovely old trees that give lots of shelter.  But the best was under the car port where a buffet had been set up and swings were ready for everyone to sit.  I took my Mother as my "date".  My sister had set up an old wooden rocker that originally came out of my parent's home down in Portsmouth for my Mother.  That old thing has been through so much but it still brings joy to my Mom to sit and just rock.  Other members of my family came, and my sister brought her boyfriend to met everyone.  He was brave! 

My niece Jessie
My sister Jeannette and her two girls, Jessie and Casey
My niece Jessie is so adorable.  Not only is she a lovely girl but she has many talents.  She is going to be attending the All Ohio Marching Band at the Ohio State Fair this coming Summer.  She had her medallions for all her music, choir, and sports displayed for us and even made a video slide show of her Senior year at West High School.  Everyone is so proud of her.  She is going to be attending Ohio State University in the Fall majoring in Journalism.  She said she was also going to be in the Athletic Band next year at OSU.  She and her friends decided to play a corn hole game where everyone really got into the action.  And then we all got CAKE!  We all love our cake.

Jessie playing a corn hole game

My sister Cheryl and her boyfriend, Tom

My brother Victor with part of his family

When I got home, I decided that I needed to finish up the big studio clean up, but I got side tracked with working on some resin project that has been on the back burner for months.  I'd bought an ice cube tray with Tiki heads long ago at the Dollar Tree.  At the time, I thought they would make great molds for resin.  Guess what?  They did.  Though messy working with, I really like the plastic resin pieces.  Oh, I need lots more practice with it.  I wanted to work on some epoxy clear resin that I've had.  I tried buying some plain square or round jewelry molds from Michaels, but couldn't find them any where.  Sometimes I wonder why I even go into that store.  Everything is so expensive, and I never seem to find what I want.  So I went to Dick Blicks and though I didn't find the molds I was looking for, I enjoyed walking around looking at all the art supplies.  I only bought one thing, but I have many things put on my list when next week my Dick Blick's coupon is valid.
Plastic resin Tiki faces
Prepared ice cube tray

Lastly the night ended with the premiere of the new season of True Blood.  I know, silly, but my friend Kate talked so much about it, that I caught up on all the episodes using HBO on demand.  Now, I'm hooked and enjoyed the one hour getting caught up on all the blood, gory, and humor of  True Blood.

I have no idea what day three of my vacation is going to hold.  I want to finish painting the Tiki heads, and I am sure laundry will have to be done sometime.  Tomorrow I'm heading up to Michigan to work on an art project with another artist.  Here I thought my stay-vacation would be boring, but it definitely is not trending that way

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