Saturday, September 8, 2007

August Bead Journal Project

We are one week into September & my how time just flies. I have managed to get a picture of my August Bead Journal Project done. Was I so wrong when I said that Ohio State Fair was in July...wrong! That as the Franklin County Fair I was musing on. No, The Ohio State Fair is in AUGUST! I spent a whole day sitting at the Arts & Crafts building doing demos on beaded art dolls. Most people were so overwhelmed that I actually sew the beads on instead of just gluing them down. GLUE! NEVER!!!!!! So in tribute to State Fair month, my journal leaf has candy & ice cream buttons that I found in an antique store, a face of a child which is who loved to come to our booth & handle all the dolls we had on display, and naturally the Bounty of Nature. I'm a big orange/carrot kind of person so I beaded an award winning carrot for the Fair. Blue Ribbon winner...well, not really, but still I like it a lot.

Also I've been so involved in recycling for art that I also included a picture of an Ornie that I did for Yahoo's Group ArtDollz. She is the arms & legs of a Dollar Store jester doll, the body is an Advair disc, and the head dress is that of those weird combs you get in a package of hair dye.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bead International piece

Bead International's CD is well on its way to the Dairy Barn down in Athens Ohio. Am I ever relieved that it is done. I just got off the phone talking to my best buddy, Cyn & we both agreed that it was just so draining & was really taking over such a big part of our lives. Everything else bead or even art related was put on the back burner because I HAD to get BI pieces done, photographed & all the computer work done first. The naming of the files really gave me a hard time. My DH did all that for me & he too had some time trying to figure out what everything meant & actually did call Amy Doeringer to get her take on it. Whew...but it is done! Finished! Now waiting to hear if any of my pieces is going to be accepted. Finger's crossed. And yes, Cyn & I agreed to get BI '10 done early! LOL!!!!!!

This is the bracelet that I submitted. It is called Wyoming Sunset as I got inspiration for it while vacationing out at Devil's Tower in Wyoming. We camped at the base for three days. It was so fabulous to wake up every morning with the Tower outside our tent window. Every night there was a monsterious thunderstorm so each night the sky was painter's delight of colors and patterns. I used textured fabric as the base with aluminum cuff blank that I bought at Dick Blicks. Then I just enjoyed beading it with textures and colors that winged me back to those days in Wyoming.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Betty Sketti

Nothing I love more than nice jaunts through all the local thrift stores in Columbus. Nothing like finding a dress with material that is just astonishing for only $3. And I've been seen going through the housewares looking for all those brass candle stick holders as they make great doll holders. But what has made my MUSE go into over drive is the toy aisle. There are all those unloved dolls and stuffed toys. Some have seen better times and are painted, "de-haired". or just plain dirty from small grubby hands, but then there are those that probably haven't had one second of love. Many are on their way to the final resting place of all unloved toys, the dumpster. So I decided to start a new line of dolls called Dumpster Dollz. I bought a bag of unloved trolls, Barbies, and Speghetti Betty's. Down to my Art Cave we all went where with a tiny bit of surgery, a few cuts here, a stitch there, some glue everywhere, I've created doll forms that can be beaded, painted, or just plain covered with clay. This is a doll that I've called Betty Sketti. Betty's head is from a Betty Speghetti doll. The form is my own creation & then every inch is beaded like mad. I chose the orange & black colors because that was the colors of the fabric, but then then orange is the "inner me". So enjoy Betty, please. She is being entered in Bead International 08. Let's hope my Dumpster bound dolls can find true love someplace as a treasured doll.