Thursday, January 31, 2008

January BJP

Finally, I'm caught up. This leaf is dedicated to the memory of Dr. King.

December BJP

This was a hard one for me to do. I wanted to portray Winter in Ohio. And boy did we ever have snow and cold temperatures. I wanted to stay away from a bright cheery Christmas scene, as Christmas is so hard for me to adapt to. I want to have fun and be merry, and enjoy the holidays, but..........

Yes, the BIG BUT! Commercialism is what kills Christmas for me. I use the be the girl that was out bright and early on Black Friday, sending out over 200 Christmas cards, planning a big family get together. I was a true Christmas elf. Then about 3 years ago, something just snapped inside of me. I paid my Mother to wrap presents, I didn't put a Christmas tree, and I only managed to send out 20 cards. All the greed in the world, just poisoned Christmas for me. Then the family bickering. It just wasn't fun anymore.

This year, I decided to change Christmas. I had a Christmas party here for my Guilded Lilies, I went out & bought 10 coats for people in a group home here in Columbus, and I even volunteered to pick up my Grandmother who was 93 at the time & take her to visit her sister. I felt a little better, but not like the old days. I think most of it also comes with the fact that I miss my Father so much. He was the bright star on Christmas Day.

Growing up in LA, I never saw snow. When my parents moved back to Ohio, they always talked about snow. Never saw much of it either the first 5 years. Then one night right before Christmas, the snow started to fall. My Dad was like a child running out in the snow showing us how to make Snow Angels. He then scooped up a big bowl of snow & made up snow cream. So this leaf is for the Christmases that my Daddy made special for me.

November BJP

I'm finally caught up! Yeah! I spent 6 hours working on my last BJP leaf. I've decided to post all three of them separately. Hey, I still have 5 hours before February!

While walking through our favorite Metro Park here in Columbus, Highbanks, we were stunned to see the rolling hills covered with an array of beautiful Fall colors. The focal bead was made by Chris for me. It is a Green Man. I covered the leaf with silk leaves I found at Michaels. I used all the colors we saw on that walk. I must say that Fall is my favorite time of the year. I always remember going to the parks in Portsmouth and kicking the leaves around, building leave forts, and then rolling through the leaves laughing with glee.

Friday, January 18, 2008

3 days of beading

I've decided to post pictures of my A&OL doll's progressions. I had a spurt of energy the last three days & managed to get a lot of beading done on her. The pictures are a little dark, but this gives you the opportunity to see why my friends call me SpeedieBeadie. All the time I was working on this doll, my brain keeps buzzing on how can I incorporate this into my future Land of Odds doll. I have this picture in my head, but it won't come out on paper. That could be because I can't draw worth a lick. I know that I want it to be a sculptural piece with multiple dolls, but the dimensions just don't seem to want to come out. I think I'm just going to have to bite the bullet & sit down with some wire & build an armature for the main subject and see how it goes after that. Yesterday, I checked at the Land of Odds website & found out that the piece must be 80% beaded with only 20% total consisting of sequins or rhinestones. I love sequins, so I'm going to have to tone down on their usage. Another fun fact. One of my new e-mail buddies, Rolanda, announced that her piece Azure was runner up for the 2007 Land of Odds contest. All 6 dolls were absolutely amazing. I think it was hard to chose which one as they all called to me.

I've got to work a 5 day weekend (that's what I get for trading just one weekend day!). Well honestly, my co-worker turns 60 tomorrow, and his wife wanted to have a big party for him. How could I not say "yes"? So my progress on my A&OL doll will be slower as I'll be working at the hospital. But we'll see, as I love to bead!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Beaded Art Dolls

I've decided to try my hand at doing a beaded doll & posting pictures of my progress every couple of days. I'm a fast beader when I've got the Muse running down my back, so don't be surprised at how much I get done. This doll orignoly is for the Arsenic and Old Lace Challenge on BAD. But, I've got some plans for this little doll if it works out the way my brain is planning. I'm thinking of incorporating this into a beaded scene for the Land of Odds challenge and Enchanted Doll Artist Conference. One has a theme of Earthen Mother & the other has a theme of Over the Mirror. I have an idea, but don't know if I'll have time to complete it all. If only I didn't like to make big pieces!

Got my check for the article on Podlings in DC&C. So decided to take that money & send in the full amount for EDAC. It is going to be in Albuquerque in July. Hot, but I have a feeling that it will be hotter and wilder inside the conference center. I'm looking forward to it. My friend, Judy Skeel has told me all about this, and I'm really looking forward to it.

Monday, January 14, 2008

New Year

Happy New Year...late as always! I made a resolution for 2008 to blog at least once a week. As you can tell, I've already broken that resolution. But I'm going to give it a try from now on. I was a little blue after all the Christmas stress, and my birthday is always nosing its way right behind New Year's Eve. I have no idea why this birthday which isn't very special or of note should have caused me to become blue. But I was, and even the smiling faces of all my beaded dolls couldn't wake me out of it. My little Scottie, Arwen, suffered with me too, as I didn't even want to get down on the floor & teaser her with her stuffed "baby". But two days after my birthday, I got a phone call that snapped me out of my mood. The local bead store, Byzantium, called & wanted to know if I was still interested in teaching. I'd forgotten all about this, and told them yes I was. I was thinking they wanted me to do teach an embroidery class on dolls, but nope! They want me to teach beading jewelry. I had to laugh. I haven't made a piece of beaded jewelry in over a year. But I went in, and they hired me there on the spot. I can teach anything I want as long as it is jewelry. So I'll be teaching one class in March and one in April. I really loved teaching at AFIC , so let's see if I can teach beading as well as I could doll making.

Also, would like to share with you a new blog. This was created for the beaded doll artist on Beaded Art Doll Group or what we like to call ourselves...BAD girls! There are some wonderful artist there, and it is turning into a place where I can share some of my life's worries. Check it out & consider joining if you want to really find a great community of women who are kind and sharing. I know many aren't as lucky as myself in having a local doll club within driving distance filled with instant friends, but here is an option. Try it on for size. You might become obsessed!