Sunday, August 25, 2013


I think I keep forgetting how much I need to keep saying that I really love my job at Nationwide Children's Hospital.  Everyone who has known me for a long time has said how much happier and well I look and act.  It truly is a marvel that I'm so much more calm and happy since I started my new position.  Also, after over 37 years working in a hospital, I now have a position where I have every weekend off.  It is amazing!  Now whenever a friend or family member ask if I want to do this activity or special event on a Saturday or Sunday, I don't have to hesitate wondering if it is my weekend off.  Nor do I have to jump over hoops to get someone to work my weekend rotation so I can go on vacation.  I have every weekend off and it makes such a big difference in everything.  For the past 6 years since moving to the hospital closer to my home, I had to say no to so many people.  It really depressed me when I would be scheduled to work so many weekends and get denied time off.  I thought about quitting my doll makers guild because I could never go to the meetings on Saturday mornings nor could I go on outings with anyone else as I never had a permanent schedule which meant going practically week to week without knowing when I really had my days off which usually were split with only two days off every three weeks if I was lucky.  Now I have two days off every single week and those being Friday and Saturday.  It is so wonderful to be able to plan events and rekindle relationships with friends I was afraid of losing because of my work schedule.  And I have not wasted a single minute.  I forgot how dear my friends from my Guilded Lilies truly are and how lucky I am to have each and every one of them. 

Yesterday we did our annual road trip starting with a visit to a quilt shop in Springfield Ohio. Then we ate lunch at Teaberry Cafe which was close by.  The day was bright and warm, but the friendship and joy was just sparkling bright.  I'm so looking forward to having every weekend off from now on and rekindling these friendships and developing more as the weeks and months go on.  Most of all, I'm so thankful to have found a job and a wonderful employer that knows how days off are the most important thing to their employees.  I truly do love my job and the flexibility I have to enjoy my days off to the fullest.

Ms. Vicki finds her alter ego at Teaberries Cafe.

Always the life of the party, Lynda our oldest member, and Deb who arranged this great weekend.
Marilyn always seems to find the Buckeyes, her favorite team, no matter where we go
Lynda may be 80+ years old, but she always find joy in life and keeps us all laughing.
Liz, Janet, and Vicki checking out the menu at TeaBerries Cafe. 
I sat at the same table with Cynthis, Gigi, and Krisin.  We made it easy for our waitress by all three getting the special.  YUM!  Quiche, Spring salad and orange bread.  Oh throw in lots of creative talk and you'll see why I had such a wondrous day.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cincinnati bound with the Guilded Lilies

 The River City Doll Makers club invites the Guilded Lilies down to Cincinnati every other year for a fun day of sharing, eating, and demonstration.  This year since I now have every weekend off, I got to ride down with Marilyn and Lynda.  It was such a fantastic day with wonderful weather and so much laughing.  The demonstrations were so wonderful.  I forgot to to take a photo of Holly's demonstration of fabric techniques, but she let each and every single one of us take home a sample.

Robbie sharing some fabric embellishment techniques.

Katie showing us how to use gesso, molding paste and new water colors to make a three dimensional art piece. 
Marilyn brought her bead embroidered hat for show and tell.  I just had to have her model it for me.
Judy taught us this class on how to make flowers with circles of scrap fabric

And what better way to bond than with lots of delicious food?

Cody's show and tell.  Can't remember if this is the self portrait or the Buck doll.   But I did enjoy playing with him.

Katie shared her bird from the Christine Shively class at AFICC

I can't remember the name of this doll maker, but isn't this just great?

River City Doll Makers show and tell

More River City show and tell. The mermaid here is just amazing.  Loved the bead work.

Robbie's mermaid that is just too luscious. 

Guilded Lilies show and tell

More Guilded Lilies show and tell

Inez's Anne Bolyn doll

Robbie was celebrating her 10th year anniversary with the River City doll makers and shared this cake with us.  And oh yes, it was delicious
River City doll makers made a delicious lunch for us.

Inez, Liz and Lynda catching up on gossip and fun times while waiting for lunch.
Lynda and Marilyn.  Marilyn is a beader too and asked if we wanted to go to Lebanon to go bead shopping. Well twist my arm!  I think the three of us were buzzing with the delicious frozen custard Lynda treated us at Whits in downtown Lebanon.