Monday, June 18, 2012

New Artist found

Saturday, we got up bright and early (okay so Fiona woke us up but we like to think it was for a reason) and went out down to the Worthington Art Festival on the Green.  Both quadrants on High and Rt. 161 will filled with tons of artist selling their wares to crowds of very well behaved folks.  It was warm and Sunny, but everyone was just enjoying walking among the tents and looking at all the great pieces of Art for sell.  We found a new artist that we kept going back to trying to decided what to pick out as we just knew we wanted one of his pieces.  His name is Randal Spangler.  If you have time you must check out his website.  His pieces are whimsical and just beyond darling.  His dragons are cute and all his paintings have a sense of humor that will even enchant children.  I bought one of his prints on canvas to hang in my studio.  I also saw on his website that he has counted cross stitch patterns for sale for those wanting to make his art their own.

Randall Spangler

The Old Worthington Rectory was also having a yard sale.  The women of the Worthington Historical Society have this occasionally, and sometimes we get something.  But when I was only half a block away, I saw these torsos standing there wanting me to get them.  I wasn't sure what the price would be, but when I got there and looked at them, I immediately bought one of them.  By the time we went back to get the car and pick it up, one of the other two was purchased.  I asked the woman if the third was available and was so happy when she not only told me it was available but cut the price for me.  They originally came from Talbot's in the Worthington Mall.  They are perfect to hang some of my necklaces from.  Now I not only have something to help me while designing jewelry but the perfect mounting for pictures.  I was indeed very happy.

Yesterday, Chris was ill all day long, and I think he's feeling poorly again today.  I got tons of beading done on my Synergy project while watching lots of HBO On Demand.  He's not feeling well again today, so I'm just going to hang around the house.  My sister is trying to get me to come over to Average Joes in New Albany tonight for Trivia.  I might go depending on how Chris feels.

Example of Randall's work
Three more days of vacation before I got back to work.  My replacement was hired, but it is now going to take two to three months to train her before I get to go on evening shift and say a farewell to night shift.  I'll be so happy to leave third shift and working when everyone else is fast asleep.

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