Friday, August 31, 2007

Pink Swimmer

Pat from Doll Crafter & Costuming is just spoiling me rotten! I just got my new issue & in the gallery is my Pink Swimmer that I submitted. I made her last year & now that I look some of the beading just doesn't please my eye, but I still do love this wee little doll.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tiki Goddess

Along with beading like mad! I've also been playing around with mixed media doll making and decided to take a plunge into working with Apoxie Sculpt. I took a class back in May with Jean Bernard, and never got a real chance to sit with the stuff & get mess. Well, I did just that. I took a fashion doll (my niece told me this was Ariel) that I bought at the thrift store. All those poor sad unloved/unwanted dolls sitting on the shelf made me so sad so I bought 6 of them. I got the head at the Dollar Store. After playing around, getting paint every where & getting my husband to help me figure out how to mount the doll onto a stand, I finally came up with this final doll. I'm going to send slides of her to Art Doll Quarterly for their Altered Fashion Doll challenge. Keep my fingers crossed that they like her & want to print a picture of my funky Goddess.

June and July Bead Journal project

Boy, I'm really slow at getting my two bead journal projects up on this blog. I've been busy trying to get my Bead International pieces done before the deadline & YIPEEEE...they are done. Also working on other projects. I feel like I'm an acrobat juggling all these different projects while working a full time job. But I am WOMAN...I am TIRED. LOL!

Okay, I came up with my big game plan for the year. What I am going to do is to make each month of the Bead Journal project s leaf using the same leaf shape but they will be in different positions as I'm going to mount each of the leaves on a tree wall hanging with three months being on each branch. June/July/August are green leaves. September/October/November will be brown leaves. December/January/February will be white leaves. And March/April/May will be probably pink leaves. I want to follow the change of seasons here in Ohio. Each individual leaf will be something important that has happened to me in that month.

As you see in June, it was my vacation. We went out to South Dakota & Wyoming. The plains were in bloom and so green. Their drought was broken & I got to witness the plains green and vibrant with flowers. I fell in love with the swaying grasses and the blue straw type flowers growing everywhere. July is Ohio State Fair time! Wheeeeee...nothing like a big corn dog/elephant ear & lemon shake to go with the hubbub of the Fair. But I digressed a little here, because what July means to me is the memory of going to see the circus on July 4th at the Rose Bowl when growing up in Los Angeles. After the circus, they would have such a display of fireworks that to this day I can still see the colors. So I chose a Clown's face that I got from a friend, Emily Eckel & surrounded him with blooming colors of red white & blue to celebrate our country's birthday.