Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My studio

I've been enjoying the new blogs I am following after the OWOH blogger event. One blog was asking "what is one your desk?". I had to laugh as I have something very odd on my desk besides the usual beads and sequins. Fiona woke me up this morning at a quarter after 5am. Yes...FIVE AM! She must have heard me tossing & turning as I did have the electric blanket up a little higher than normal & woke up to turn it down. Well, she barked & I knew if I didn't get up, she wouldn't stop. I let all three out (Frodo was definitely NOT happy about getting up so darn early), fed them all, made myself some coffee & went downstairs to work a little before Chris got up. I finished up another bracelet & had another hour before I would wake him. So I decided to work on some more Pocket Monsters since I got so many nice comments about them. Now to what is on my desk...cut up dog bedding! Honest! I use fleece to line Arwen's dog bed as she likes to scratch at it, turn around three time, sigh, then fall asleep. It was old & worn, but when I pulled it out to throw away, I thought to myself...wouldn't this be great (once washed) for Pocket Monsters. So this, morning I began to cut out bodies, arms, and legs for a new set of these beasties.

As usually I was watching TCM. I caught the last hour of Giants with Elizabeth Taylor Rock Hudson, and James Dean. It was great to see it again. This was the first movie where I realized I was not a child any longer as I when we all went to the drive in to see it, I stayed awake for the whole movie which was an event for me as after swinging for hours waiting for the movies to start, then running as fast as we could back to the car when the cartoons started, eating assorted junk in the back seat of the car, and then trying to stay awake through the whole movie...well it was just way too hard. But, this was the first movie where I was so enthralled with it all that I stayed up until it was over. All the other kids were passed out in the backseat of the car, but I got to sit up front with my parents. My Dad said my eyes were like little black buttons attached to the movie screen. Both my parents laughed when I asked if we could see it again the next night. So it was fun to see Giants again and remember the smell of popcorn and car exhaust from that long long ago evening in Los Angeles.

Funny about memories...I have to share this one thing more with you before I head out with Chris for a little ride up to Mohican to see the snow...I was walking through the studio when a smell caught my attention. It was perfume of incense & I stopped in my tracks & was transported back to Byzantium, my long lost bead haven. I looked around & figured out where that smell was coming from. When Bzyantium closed, I bought several of the racks that held the bead. Okay, I bought a lot of beads from them too. Joyce also gave me some of the black velvet trays that customers would carry around the store putting treasures into. I had three of them on the desk over where I have my bead rack. I miss that store so much. It was a place I would go to even if I didn't need any beads. It was just so comforting. So I thought, I have never shared a picture of that rack of beads I here are a couple photos of my bead stash.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Classes & more classes

The last two weeks besides traveling all over the world from one blog to another during the One World One Heart blog event, I also have been beaded & even taking classes at 1 Stop Bead Shop here in Dublin/Columbus Ohio. This first set of bracelets are from a little mini class during Bead Club where Cindy A. is developing a class. She wanted us to be her guinea pigs & my wasn't I lucky for my very first time to get to learn a new technique. I don't remember what she is actually calling the class, but it is netting using 4mm pearls. The closure is magnetic, but this can be converted into a free flowing bangle or use toggles or other closures. I have a bunch of magnetic closures left over & have used them. These are two of the three bracelets I made. I made a gorgeous one with orange & yellow sea glass with green Delicas, BUT...I lost it Friday when my brain was in a daze from lack of sleep. Someone either at Applebees on Sawmill or Trader Joes now has a new bracelet. No, they didn't show up, but those were the only two places I was before I noticed it was gone. I think I learned my lesson there about those magnetic clasp.

I took 3 out of 5 classes Janice Berkibile was teaching at 1Stop Bead Shop this weekend. I really enjoyed the Pod Rings on Thursday night even though I'd been awake for over 24 hours. I came home Thursday morning with my hip aching from being on my feet all night at work & took a pain pill only to realize instead of calming the pain and making me drowse, it calmed the pain but made me hyper! I hadn't seen Janice since I was out in Tacoma this past July taking another one of her great classes. Friday I signed up to take two of the classes Fierce Connections and Crown of Jewels. Well, it would have been great, but Fiona woke me up before 6 am so there I was forcing to stay awake during the day class trying to learn to make earrings. Do you notice I have no pictures of earrings...because I didn't finish them. I had to go & eat (therefore losing my bracelet) & then came back to wait for the evening class. I must have drank 5 cups of coffee at dinner so I could wake up & have some conscience thoughts. It worked, but I realized that when I crashed it would be bad. Lisa was so wonderful to get in touch with the person on the waiting list & having her take my place for the all day class on Saturday which I KNEW I couldn't never make. I'm happy someone else got to learn more great metal working techniques and tips from Janice.

Saturday? Well, Fiona must have been tired too as she didn't wake us up until 6:30 am. We were both so tired we went back to bed for another three hours. It felt so good to sleep in. Then lunch at China Dynasty and a local shopping at Costco. All the time we were in the car, we were listening to Robert Plant's Band Of Joy which has been in my car since I got it from Amazon last December. I love this CD & Chris feeling better really enjoyed it too. No, I didn't take it out of my car...still there for me to enjoy.

So this weekend it was nice with 60 degree temperatures, and now the ice cold dampness is back. I was wondering if Janice brought some nice weather for us, which was a much needed break.

I need to mail out my two OWOH giveaways but realized tomorrow is Presidents' Day so I'll have another day to package all that up along with some other things that I need to mail out.

I keep wondering when Spring is going to arrive. This freak warm spell caused our young maple tree to sprout some buds & I saw some plants shooting up in the back. I just hope they all survive as I KNOW Winter is still here for awhile. Meanwhile, I'm going to bead away and find some time to do a little metal working.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Good morning all. I'm getting ready to head out for a whole day of metal working classes. I was too tired last night after making a pod ring. So here are my two winners. I've contacted them.

First is Barbara from Texas

The Second is Soraya Nulliah

I've had a great time with this event, visiting so many blogs & getting to know so many other artist. I can't wait until we find out about the new event next year. dot

Thursday, February 17, 2011


This is the last day for OWOH blog event. I am going to be taking metal working class this evening & won't be home until late, so I won't announce the winners until really late tonight or early tomorrow. So if you haven't posted a comment on my give away, you still got until tonight. I have had a blast with this event & am now following more blogs than ever from bear makers, to scrap book people, fiber artist, doll makers, beaders, and paper craft.

Today it is suppose to be 63 degrees! A breath of Spring. We really need it here. So a big weekend of pound, cutting, and bending wire & metal for me and a big thaw for everyone else.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snowman Blush

I tell you all, but this jewelry Muse is really beatin' me up wanting me to create, create, create! I can't believe how many jewelry ideas are popping into my head, traveling down my arm, tickling my fingers to pick up needle, thread and beads. BUT...I can hear my doll maker Muse standing back in the corner tap,tap,tapping her foot angry because I'm ignoring her. SHE popped something into my head last night while I was sweating at work (our A/C went out AGAIN!) so I think tomorrow, I need to get HAL out & do some machine sewing. But in the mean time...more jewelry!!!!

I'm sitting her eat the computer with my steaming coffee cup as I just woke up & need at least three cups to get me going for the day. I look outside the window just to my right and what do I see...MORE SNOW! I'm getting so tired of this. I was remembering whe
n I would have Loved to see this much snow...back when I was a little girl. I grew up in Los Angeles & the only time I'd ever see snow was when my Dad would pile us all up into the car & drive up to Mt. Baldy with several card board boxes and snacks to keep us from driving him crazy. We'd slide down in our make shift sleds, get wet bottoms, and happily drive back down to the valley. I was 14 when we moved to Ohio (kicking and screaming mind you) but was excited when Winter came as that meant SNOW...but it didn't. It didn't snow the first year we lived in Ohio. But the second year...oh boy! School was canceled for the day and what did kids do back then on snow days...we hit the road with our shovels knocking on doors to get paid to shovel sidewalks. We charged a quarter for sidewalks and a whole 50 cents for sidewalks and driveway. After two to three hours and with the changing jingling in our pockets, we'd head downtown to the Bake Shop to eat greasy hamburgers with french fries in the cafe, and then blow the rest of the money on pastries to eat on the way home. So that was what snow meant to me when I was younger. Now it means driving in ice with white knuckles scared to death that someone is going to plow into the side of my vehicle or slide out of control making me slide out of control. So it is pretty only if I sit here inside looking out.

So why all the talk of snow & jewelry Muses and rambling...well, I have another necklace to show you all made with the beads I received from my friends over at I actually was energetic into making not only a necklace (I wore it last night at work...thank goodness it didn't melt), but earrings! and a bracelet. I used a combination of size 11 and 15 Toho Round seed beads for the majority of the piece. The centers are these great pearls I got from a Scottie friend who was selling her jewelry stash (thanks Susan) and the embellishments are tiny teeny sequins. The "frame" is something I saw at Byzantium years ago in the pearl section & I immediately bought the whole strand thank goodness as they never had anything like this again. BUT...the wee little snowman is from a set of lampwork beads I bought from Grace Beads years ago. Then I used some fabulous 6mm fire polish to finish up the construction of the pieces, added a clasp and there you go...I get to wear Winter around my neck all year long. I do adore snowmen so this is kinda special. Did I tell you all that I have a snowman collection in my bedroom year round?

My cup is almost empty so I need more coffee or maybe some cocoa would be nice to warm me up. I did look out back on the patio when I let the dogs out and noticed the grill was covered with an inch of ice. Since I'm so wanting hamburgers tonight (craving big time), I think instead of a juicy grilled burger as I don't want to fall on the ice, it is going to be fried tonight, but I'll be dreaming of Spring and the time when the grass is growing, the dogs are rolling (probably in the mud or mulch), the grill is smoking, and it is WARM outside.

Disclosure...As a reviewer of products at, I receive the seed beads and fire polish beads above free of charge. I have been asked to review these products and give my honest opinion of the products...positive or negative. I am not being compensated by for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received and reviewed.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ice Queen Bracelet

I am keeping my New Year's resolution of making more jewelry. And I am having help with the wonderful people from who have generously sent me beads for bloggers in their new challenge Winter Enchantment. This is the message I received from Duchess about this challenge:

"As we leave 2010 behind, we welcome the coming year with new ideas full of creativity and inspiration. This time around we ask that you create a ‘Winter Enchantment’ design that represents what you find beautiful or inspirational about the winter season. Whether it is the beauty of a snowflake, a winter landscape, a sport you love, the coziness of a blazing fire, fun indoor activities shared with family and friends, a vacation to a warmer place, a favorite winter themed story/poem or any other themes of winter you can think of."

This is my first piece for Winter Enchantment challenge:

I have already completed four pieces for this challenge with the beads from Today I'm going to share with you a bracelet called Ice Queen. Why Ice Queen?? Well, here in Central Ohio, instead of the massive amounts of snow other Midwestern states have gotten, we received ICE! And more ice. Everything has been coated with ice for a week now causing havoc in some areas here in Columbus and in other parts of the State. Ice has been covering the electric lines pulling them down, or causing tree branches to break off damaging property and barely missing injury to people. Frodo and Arwen don't mind skating around the yard which has a proper coating of ice on top of all the snow, but Fiona just stands at the door, looks up at me with her blind eyes & says "I ain't goin' do it!". So I have to brave the ice & take her out front. Finally, the temperatures have gone up this past two days so some of the ice has melted, but as I look outside my window, I see more snow coming down.

For Ice Queen, I used a variety of blue round Toho seed beads in size 8, 11 and 15. Now I usually don't wear anything blue, but when I saw this button many years ago for sale from a NIADA artist in Detroit, I had to buy it. I had hoarded it away all this time & when I needed something to really pop this bracelet, it came to my mind. Now, it did take me three days to find it in my boxes of treasured beads, but I was so happy when I found it & made the connections to the beaded strap and then went crazy embellishing. The strap started out with some round dyed mother of pearl round. The button itself was glued to a stiff backing and then peyote around the bezel. It is finished with a seed bead picot. Now the fun part-EMBELLISHMENT! I used 6mm crystals Swarovski 3700 Margarita Beads.

I have three other projects that I finished this morning since Fiona woke me up BEFORE the crack of dawn to eat. But I'm going to share those with you later. I also have almost finished one of the two pieces I've been working on with the destroyed Napali Mist collar I made last year. I just need to finish up a herribone tube and then put them all together.

For those who have warm weather...I'm jealous. For those in cold wintery landscape...keep warm.


Disclosure...As a reviewer of products at, I receive the seed beads and Crystals above free of charge. I have been asked to review these products and give my honest opinion of the products...positive or negative. I am not being compensated by for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received and reviewed.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


I am having so much fun clicking on all the blog through out the world on the One World One Heart blog Event. So far there are over 800 blogs to visit with each of them giving away a prize. I'm just amazed at all the beautiful sites, fantastic women and men, and the ART everyone is creating. I decided to follow many of these blogs just to see what all these creative people are going to do.

I've been doing other things beside clicking on new blogs and working. I've been busy as a little bee during my free time making new pieces of jewelry. I was off work last night & fell asleep on the couch, so Chris had me go to bed...I went to bed at 10pm! Lordie, lordie...when I was young that was the time I just started to go out & raise I'm in bed with my electric blanket on & dreaming dreams. Arwen came to bed with me (oh yes, she loves my blankie too), but I woke up at 2am. Tossed & turned until I finally went downstairs to work on a new necklace. Got it almost done, but the weather did not cooperate enough today (dark, gray, gloomy OHio) so no pictures, but honest...I do have things done ready to photograph.

I finally got over to Judy Skeel's house yesterday to return the box of dolls from the High Road Gallery show past June. I hadn't been over there for awhile & didn't realize Craig put a whole new garage on her house. Made her a promise we'd get together sometime when she's feeling better & I have time. Judy gave me lessons on needle sculpting years ago in exchange for beading lessons. Unfortunately, she's been ill & hasn't been able to do much doll making.

Today went to my brother's house so Chris could set up the television for him. I got a red velvet cake at Costco, which we let ruin our dinner but it was delicious.

I don't watch football, so no Super Bowl on at my house. I am off work tonight, so I'm planning on getting HAL the obnoxious sewing machine out and work on a couple ideas I have for AFIC...yes, I'm going to break down & sew up a couple doll forms...I think my doll making MUSE is jealous & wants to take over again.

Hope you all are having a great evening. More later.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One World One Heart

I stumbled across One World One Heart last year during the last week it and was so surprised to find some great blogs with wonderful give away. This is the Fifth Year for this event and unfortunately the last. I was just blown away by the great variety of artists and the generosity of their work they were willing to give away to other blogs. This global event started Midnight on January 20th and will run until February 17th. Take a few hours and come with me & stroll though the list of fantastic blogs. I promise you won't be disappointed.

I'm Dot Lewallen and started blogging when I joined the Bead Journal Project about 4 years ago. I mainly blog about my passion of beaded art dolls, but I have been known to write about my Scotties, doll making, work, life, BEADS, and all the wonderful connects I've made with my 20+ years on the internet.

For this event, I'm going to give away two of my Art dolls to two separate lucky winners. The first is a completed beaded dolls I made for BeadWorks magazine back when they were looking for pieces that had to do with Earth Mother. This doll was on their webpage. She has been loved enough and now it looking to find a new home.

My other give away is a Pocket Monster. I have a whole basket of them. They fight constantly with themselves & I promise the main instigator won't be the one I give away (fingers crossed behind my back! LOL!).

All you have to do to be one of the lucky winners is to leave me a message making sure I can get ahold of you. The drawing for the two winners will be on February 17th with Lisa's event is sadly ended.

Thank you so much for stopping by and spending a moment with me & my obsession.

dot lewallen