Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay

What a year this has been so far.  Lots of creating.  Lots of traveling.  Lots of working on the house.  Lots of sewing.  Lots of Beading.  Lots of loving on my two boys.  With only 8 days left until AFICC, I am in the last stages of preparation.  Pattern already sent to my students who are joining me for two separate days teaching Flashy Funk Fish, and today I completed the beading instructions and am ready to start printing.  I haven't taught a class like this since 2008.  Yes, I'm a little nervous, but there will be so many familiar faces in my two separate classes that I know it is going to be the best.

I have been working on little things since coming back from Beading by the Bay.  I wanted to make small items that attendees and the general public will just have to take home with them.  Another great thing about AFICC is that Saturday night Cyndy is inviting the public to stay after viewing the Doll Gallery for demonstration night.  I'll be there for a couple hours showing how to make a PERFECT PET which is the Koggie.  I'll have patterns for sale to the general public at this event.

Bunnies and Kitties ready to be beaded

Bunny pin dolls

G'nomie pin cushions.  Hopefully, I'll have this pattern available at AFICC.

Nothing escapes the BEADS!
Chris' favorite pin doll

My favorite pin doll

Sammy's favorite but he is not getting this one
Rats are welcome if they have buttons on them

Who can't resist a beaded bunny

All decked out and ready to head to AFICC
Fish and Fowl will be in attendence

Creating the Perfect Pet demonstration on Saturday night

What?  Did you say the General Public can attend the  FREE demonstration night?
YES!  Plus amazing vendors will be there Saturday and Sunday.
So join us!

Still not to late to sign up.  Many classes don't require homework and if you are interested in my Flashy Funky Fish and don't have time to do the homework, I will have fish body forms presewn
Sammy and I wish you a great week.  Hope to see you at AFICC