Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Crimson Kiss of Death

Happy Halloween!  Just a quick post to show you my newest necklace.  I received these wonderful vampire skulls from Laura Mears and just knew they had to become something that was dripping with crystals and garnet dyed pearls.  I was wishing the Sun would come out today so I could get better pictures of it to share, but since Sandy hit us this weekend only got gray wet cold ugly skies outside.  Plus I have to admit that I'm a really don't feel like pulling out all the lights downstairs in the studio.  Pathetic and lazy me!   I asked folks on Facebook what to call this and my cousin Carolyn came up with a delicious name:  Crimson Kiss of Death.   Enjoy & don't eat too much candy tonight.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Synergy Win

 Last weekend was the big dinner for the Great Lakes Beadworker's Guild 20th anniversary.  It also was the presentation of the Synergy awards.  My partner texted me at the dinner telling me that we came in 3rd place.  We were to present a representation of Detroit in beads.  My partner chose Belle Isle which houses a garden, statues and a aquarium.  I chose to make a water sprite doll on a turtle's back.  Cyndy made the glass bouquet with flowers she had made and all the glass fish. 

Please met Belle Isle Voyagers 

"Photograph by Sylvus Tarn ~ Rejiquar Works"

To view other pieces from this event click here to see Synergy 2012.  There were so many wonderful pieces depicting various places and themes all revolving around Beading Detroit.  Also click here to see the installation of Synergy by our president Sharon Wagner.  And click here to see an article written about the gallery show and YES!  that is a picture of the bead work on my piece.

It was so enjoyable to work with Cyndy taking ideas and presenting them with beads and glass. We got to know each other while working on this project and are already talking about other collaborations.  

I want to Thank Sharon for all the hard work with this gallery show and to Sylvus for doing all the professional photograph for me to use.  But most of all to Cyndy show invited me to spend a couple days at her beautiful home in Michigan where we laughed, talked, and beaded away a whole afternoon.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Dancing on the Milky Way

Finally the weather cooperated yesterday so I could get out and take pictures.  I just took everything out that I've been working on this past month and a half since Frodo and Arwen left me and photographed all the pieces.  I have been prolific.  Someone asked me that on Facebook, and I stepped back and had to think why have I been in such a frenzy.  Well, beading is my therapy and how I cope with issues that are bothering me.  I don't find comfort laying in bed crying, or letting myself go numb in front of the television.  I have always keep busy during deep emotional times.  With each bead, I think.  And you can see from my work, that I've been thinking a whole lot.  Possibly it is a mantra racing around inside my head spreading healing salve on my spirit.  It does work.  Though, I still have some work related issues to get through, all the illness and death from this past year has washed through me.  Some still remains.  I have been getting rid of Frodo and Arwen's things.  Arwen's coat is going to an old friend who has a 12 year old Scottie that needs something to keep his bones warm this coming Winter, and some of Frodo's things are going to another Scottie owner here in Columbus who also does Earth Dog.  We decided to not get another dog at this time.  We are going to let Fiona be the only during her last years, and when the time comes for a new Scottie we'll buy him all new things.  But I am not healed all the way.  When I opened their toy box, I had to shut it fast. The look of their bunny they chases each other around the house with, or Frodo's red dog made me cry again.  I know it will still take time like it did with FalaPink and SkyeBlue.  Meanwhile, my beading is my therapy helping me stop my heart from weeping. 

Meanwhile, I have pictures of Dancing on the Milky Way to share with you.  I really love the symmetry of this piece, and it really is light weight enough to wear all day long.  I did!  I wore it one day and yes I did get many comments from strangers.  It makes me want to sing when I wear it...oh and go outside to dream of dancing on the curling spirals of the Milky Way galaxy.  Join me

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kalmbach Bead Soup Party

I was one of the lucky ones as a recipient of the Kalmbach Bead Soup Party to coordinate with the release of Lori Anderson's new Bead Soup book.  Kalmbach asked bead shop owners to make a delicious bead soup, and then partnered them up with willing Party goers.  I was surprised to see that my bead shop partner was Carole Ohl who owns Bead Stash in Kettering Ohio.  Why was I surprised, because out of all the bead soups sent in to Kalmbach and sent out, I actually got my bead soup from a person I know. I haven't been able to get to her new store yet, but when I get back into a weekend rotation, I definitely want to check it out and take my necklace for Carole to see.

Dragon Heart

I started out with my bead soup and added cranberry colored beads for the necklace from a find in a local thrift store.  I started with the focal piece and glued it down on a piece of green Nicole's Bead Backing.  I liked the look of the green with the Bead Soup sent to me by Kalmbach.  With Nicole's Bead Backing you don't have to worry about totally encrusting the piece as you use the color of the backing as an enhancement.  Next I got out some Rivolis gifted to me by my friend Liz.  Then I just began beading using complimentary colors.  I also wanted to pull out the cranberry color so I decided to make a bail using a pattern from Marcia DeCoster's book Beaded Opulence.   One of most subtle additions from the Bead Soup was the greenish curved daggers.  I decided they looked like claws or possible veins coursing the Dragon's blood through the heart.  I had to reinforce them three times to make them stand out without drooping.  I added a dark blood red crystal from the fringe as a drop of the Dragon's blood which in some incidents has mystical powers.

Bead Soup from Carole Ohl
Beaded Bail from Marcia's Beaded Opulence

Close up of the focal piece and Rivolis

 Progress photos of Dragon Heart:

Green Nicole's Bead Backing
Plastic cranberry beads with some of the pearls and seed beads in the Bead Soup
Attaching the bail to the pendent

If you would love to see other pieces along with the Bead soups sent to Kalmbach, go to their Pinterest site and enjoy browsing around.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Work in Progress

Chris and I have been talking about possibly going to Utah next year.  It has been probably over 20 years since we've been out to Canyon Lands and Bryce Canyon.  We thought wouldn't it be fun to go back out and see what has remained the same (and I'm sure) and what has changed.  The main thing that hasn't changed is the BIG night sky out in Utah especially at Bryce Canyon.  On night were there is the New Moon you can see from horizon to horizon nothing but stars.  You can even seen the spiral of the Milky Way.  There are always people out there with telescopes letting you view the amazing star scape which will make you feel excited and very small.  But it is the most amazing sight you can ever see.  I have only seen the Milky Way a hand full of times as I grew up in smoggy Los Angeles and have always lived in a big city with lots of lights.  The first time, I was a little girl with my Dad walking around the Painted Desert area and asked him what was that up there.  He laughed realizing that I'd never seen that many stars so he explained all the stories the stars told me.  He then said that on some nights you can see people dancing on the Milky Way.  I always remember that special night, and yes!  when in Utah I did look for those mysterious dancers.

Pearl squares with gemstones in the center
Pink and brown beads left over from Beading for a Cure kit

Using a fan design to mimic the spirals of the Milky Way

Yes, this is RAW with a peyote closing bezel

Vintage sequins given to me by Joyce Griffiths
This is a work in progress with lots of experimenting.  I've used the same basic collar template, but this time I wanted to try using Right Angle Weave to cage in the big piece of glass that JJ Jacobs gave me.  I also experimented caging the little glass crystals that Liz gave me too.  And of course, where would I be without Nicole's Bead Backing setting the color for this piece, and my special dwindling hoard of bone rondelles.  I'm hoping to get this done soon so come back and see how I've decided to finish it and yes/no? on fringe.  And remember to watch for those dancers on a dark clear night.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Images are an essential part of our human existence.  We are bombarded with millions of images each day from television, magazines, books, internet, and daily excursions outside our home.  Even when we aren't presented with an image, we make them up.  Remember laying in a bed of grass looking up at the clouds and making them into elephants, dogs, or flowers?  So images are a mainstay of our life, and they can make us feel emotions ranging from delight to outright disgust.  Images make you think, make you feel, make you connect with the world.

Lark Craft has presented us with a new series called PUSH.  PUSH actually is pushing the boundaries and finding a new way to present what was ordinary into extraordinary.  I received PUSH PRINT and immediately fell in love with this coffee table type book.   The physical book itself is a delight of tactile exploration, and opening the pages we see printmaking taken to the next level.  I've always been interested in print matter.  I saved pages from magazines that attracted my attention and placed them in my books.  And since my husband is a self made graphic designer, I like him enjoy looking at new views using traditional and new techniques.  PUSH PRINT is curated by Jamie Berger and Keith Berger. They have chosen 31 unique artist and presented some of their work in this new book.  Along with the images of these artist, they asked the Artist questions about their work and their outlook on what they have presented to their audience.

I wish I could show you an image of every single artist in this book as each of the 31 have taken the Art of Printmaking to one more level.  My favorite of the 31 is German artist Roman Klonek.  He works with a technique called "lost cut" which uses only one plate.  The colors he uses and the bold images really make me want to work with more primary colors in my own beading.

Artist Mark Bovey states that his printmaking allows him to take a "journey down to a broad spectrum of paths with ideas that have the potential to grow, combine, or collapse.  For me, PRINT is also sculptural. And print has always been photography. So print means possibilities for expression and a broad aesthetic potential".  I feel this way when I am working on a beaded piece that takes me one step outside myself.

Some images are surreal and innocent.  Teresa James' work is filled with innocence and purity.  While Tom Hulk refers to himself as "rural satire".  Sean Crawford uses science making it organic which mirrors his work in the biomedical field.  Cannonball Press has the most stunning and emotional production installation pieces which present the audience with a three dimensional excursion.  Tugboat Printshop uses hand crafted artistic techniques by using "drawing and thinking stages the printmaking process" to have fun.

No matter if you find the images in this book thought provoking, inspiring, or disgusting, the Printmakers have done what they set out to do.  To reach in and pull out an emotion to the image they've presented to you.

PRINT PUSH is a wonderful book to give any artist no matter what genre they work in.  And with Christmas on our door steps, I know there are many of you out there that would love opening this book and share the content with other like mind friends and family. 

Disclosure...As a reviewer of  products from Lark Books, I receive the book above free of charge. I have been asked to review these products and give my honest opinion of the products...positive or negative. I am not being compensated by Lark Books for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received and reviewed.

Monday, October 8, 2012


Since the death of Frodo and then Arwen, I have personally witness the absolute kindness of others. Some know me from the Scottie world, others from doll making, and most from the beading community. The cards, flowers, calls, gifts and weekly e-mails to see how I have been doing has made our grief a little less overwhelming. We want to thank you all.

Friday I got a box from Joyce Griffiths who was the owner of Byzantium. She was one of the few who believed in me and coaxed me to enter challenges, teach, and experiment with beads. The years I spent with the staff at Byzantium were some if the happiest times if my life. I would go there on my days off to just BE with the BEADS gossiping, swapping ideas, and just feeling like a member if something special. Joyce made it a very happy place.

Well Joyce heard of my losing my grandma and dogs and sent me a package to cheer me up. And IT DIF. The beanie is a little inside thing as I successfully taught the beaded beanie baby there as a companion to the same article published in Doll Crafter and Costuming. Joyce also knew my love if vintage sequins and nail heads. I was do overwhelmed with this gift and her living card that it took me until today to write about it. I still feel the love of my Byzantium family

Saturday, October 6, 2012

More RAW?

Loving this new necklace I have been working on. Plastic cabochon and left over beads are really working well. Then I wanted to see if I could take RAW I learned from Marcia to do a flat but rich chain. Yes! I can. Using my finds from Pink Flamingos going out of business sale & brass rings Chris got me at an auction. Still not done with it but I like using different bead weaving techniques together.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hobby Lobby

I rarely write about my favorite places to shop but today I just wanted to do a Shout out for Hobby Lobby. What an amazing store for Artist and Crafters. They have a little bit if everything and u always find interesting and idea pondering items when there. Plus they let me use my iPhone for their weekly 40% off coupon. I was excited too that I found resin pigment. Woohoo

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Work desk Wednesday

New project I am working on this week. Experimenting on Right Angle Weave cabochon caging. Using plastic focal with glass drops, crystals buttons and of course lots if seed beads