Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Design blunder

Have you ever had this great idea swimming around in your head wanting to get out so bad, that you just sit for hours on end making your fingers ache until it is done?  I did.  I had these components that told me what they wanted to be, and I sat at my work table and went to town with a copper D ring, crystals, fire polish, shells, and seed beads.  When I was done, I thought it looked so great that I just put in on & walked out the door to work.  I noticed people looking at my new necklace and thought they were admiring the thing.  I was so proud.   Then I went to the bathroom & one glance in the mirror made me realize what they were looking at.  The necklace was hideous!  The shells were over sized for the rest of the embellishments AND they were off center to boot! 

Lesson...look at the piece on yourself in the mirror before you walk out in public.  So the necklace is going to be reworked.  I'm going to keep the pendent portion, but those shells on the RAW necklace have just got to go.  I like the peridot green crystals, but they need to be more evenly spaced...and did I say get rid of those shells! 

Mirror mirror on the wall...I really need to look in you to see what is wrong.

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Dale said...

We have all had those moments Dot. Sometimes when I look back at some of my older pieces and shake my head...Just what was I thinking? XOXOXO