Monday, June 11, 2012

Painting Resin Faces

Combination of products I am experimenting with

Yeah!  Rain today outside which means I definitely have permission to stay indoors and experiment with some of my art projects.  This morning, I decided to get out those blanket plastic resin Tiki faces I made from the ice cube trays yesterday.  So far, I've done all kinds of experimenting to see how to get any medium to stick to the plastic resin.  I think I need to make up more faces to experiment with as these have mixed finishes.  I had the best luck using a mixture of Golden's Molding Paste and some acrylic paints. Back to the drawing board with more ideas.
Plain acrylic paints and Guilders Paste sponged and brushed on

Molding Paste with Acrylic paints and Perfect Medium
Gloss Gel with Perfect Medium, Pearl-X powders and Lumiere paints

Combinations of experiments in process.  I need to let everything dry.

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