Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day Four of Vacation

Benjamin reminded me to keep my speed down on I-75

 I never thought I'd enjoy this "stay-cation" so much.  I'm so use to flying someplace or driving someplace that this is very relaxing.  Yesterday, I did get up bright and early to make a trip UP NORTH to Michigan. Benjamin decided I just couldn't go all by myself so he sneaked into the car and positioned himself so that I couldn't say no.   I went up to work on my Synergy Project with my partner.  The Synergy project is a collaboration between the members of the Great Lakes Beadworker Guild and the Southern Michigan Glass workers Guild.  We are have been put into teams of two with one being a bead weaver and the other a glass maker and challenged to come up with a project using both member's skills.  The theme for this year is "Yeah! Bead Detroit."  Cyndy & I had met before when I went up to Farmington Hills for Bead Daze and discussed what our project should be. This is the first time since February that I've had time to go up to Michigan to work with her. 

Cyndy's lamp work beads make a lovely bouquet
I got to sort through all her beads she's made.  FUN!
A few of the fish she made for our combined project

You ever met a person and instantly know you are going to be good friends? It was that way with Cyndy and I.  I got up to her beautiful home yesterday around noonish.  We chatted, ate lunch and began to start working on our project in her studio.  She was working on the bouquet of flowers the doll I made will be holding while I worked on the turtle stand.  The hours whisked by so that when we went downstairs to get a drink of water, it was already dinner time.  We ate, walked around looking at all her goodies (that girl has tools to envy anyone!), then back to work until we were both too tired to look at another bead.  This morning we both got up and went out for a lovely breakfast.  I really hated to go, but I had to get back home.  I know I'll be heading up North again to just play play play with my new found friend.  Cyndy just told me that she is now the President of the Glass Maker's Guild...wooohooo!  Congrats to her.

Cyndy holding the doll with the bouquet

Our doll for the Synergy project

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