Friday, June 15, 2012

Day Six Staycation

Day six started out with the dogs waking me up very early.  I gave everyone dinner, then feel back to sleep.  Woke up and did a few chores before it was time to head out to get my hair dyed.  I usually do it myself, but my new hairdresser talked me into getting a deep shade of red instead of the boring brown I had been doing. When there, I decided to get a streak of lighter colored red.  It is perfect as I can hide it if I need to (ie, like at work) or let it out to announce to the world...hey world!  I like being different.

boring brown before
dark auburn with a red streak after

Got home and loaded up all the dog stuff into a bag as they were going to spend the night at the boarders at my Vets.  We got tickets to go see Tecumseh! in Chillicothe Ohio.  The show has been going non stop for almost 40 years. They started in 1973.  We'd never gone in all these years, but decided it was time.  We didn't want to leave the dogs too long alone as we knew we wouldn't get home until around midnight, so they stayed with the girls at Dr. Millers.

We got the buffet at the show which is total Southern Ohio cooking.  Fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, beans, slaw, potato salad with apple cobbler.  Chris even had his fill of chicken legs which are his absolute favorite. 

typical Southern Ohio meal

Chris enjoying his chicken legs and potatoes

The whole place had a homey atmosphere with all the locals doing the concessions and the catering.  Most of the actors were regulars or younger people who were either still in college or just getting out.  The main actor (Stevyn Carmona) who played Tecumseh was excellent.  Some of the other actors were a little stiff, but this is their first week opening.  The original play was written by Allan W. Eckert.  He has written many books set in this time period.  And if you are old enough to remember this then you are probably my age or older, but he also wrote over 200 scripts for the television series "Wild Kingdom".  His most famous book is The Frontiersman.  Dr. Eckert passed away in 2011.  I'm not sure how accurate the storyline was as I don't remember Tecumseh falling in love with a white pioneer girl, but it might be true.  Now I want to find out more about this period of time.  I actually know nothing about the settling of this area or the Indian wars.  I am very intrigued now as my Father's family (The Noel's) were one of the founding families in Portsmouth Ohio which was actually one of the first towns settled in the Ohio Valley. 

Sugarloaf Mountain Amphithreatre

The play had horses and enough loud gun fire and cannons that every kid in the place was jumping out of their seats with excitement.  The tickets for the shows were very cheap compared to those live shows presented here in Columbus, and ALL the concessions were very economical.  But the best part was sitting outside in this theater bowl watching the night slip in.  During the pivotal parts of the drama the stars sparking in the clear sky was the only thing that threaten to keep my eyes off the action on the natural stage.  After the show all the actors came out into the receiving area to let young theater goers get their pictures taken with the characters.  They were all just having a great time.

It was so strange to get back home so late. We decided to drive straight up High Street through town.  It was exciting to see all the entertainment and people enjoying themselves in the Short North area.  Sometimes I think Columbus is pretty dull, but go to the Short North area during any time of day or night and the whole place hums with excitement and an active night life.  We got home and no dogs were there to greet us.  Not a normal experience for us, but we were both so tired that we climbed into bed around 1AM.  And then, our normal body alarms woke both of us up at 6am today because that is always when Fiona wants to get up and eat.

 Today is my 7th day of vacation.  I have a few plans, but at this point I'm just going to let things happen as they do.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Gosh your staycation went by fast!! You blink your eye and there goes another week!!

Love your streak. Been thinking about a change too, but not sure what to do.

xx, Carol