Friday, May 15, 2015

All in the eyes?

I posted a picture on Facebook on Throwback Thursday.  One of my friends commented that she knew it was me because I hadn't changed that much over the years.  So I started to think what is it about my face that makes people say that to me all the time.  I think it is my eyes.  I've always had almond shaped eyes just like my Dad.  Here I am with my Mom.  I must have been two here as she was pregnant with my brother Jerry in this photo.

Here I am at about the same age.  I found this picture of my Great Aunt Rosalie fixing my Grandma's hair.  Grandma always wore her long hair up on top of her head in elaborate curls.  I noticed that I was a little ham even way back then wanting to help fix Grandma's hair.
Here I am between around 5 years old.  These were done in a studio.  My sister Jeannette was a baby at this time so I probably was around 6.  I remember this sailor outfit was blue.

This is my kindergarten picture taken later in the year when I was 6.  This little jumper dress also was blue. 

This probably was my 14th or 15th birthday.  Even though my birthday was close to the Christmas Holidays, Mom always made sure I got a bakery birthday cake with chocolate icing.  The necklace has a horse is a Sarah Coventry piece I got for my birthday that year.  I use to be absolutely crazy about horses until I found out allergic I am to them.

Here I am with my red hair.  I think I was almost 40 when this picture was taken.  sitting on my lap where SkyeBlue and FalaPink.  They are long gone, but we still have this couch.  I can't tell you how many pictures I've taken of Scotties and cats on this couch
Here is a picture of me with my silvery white hair.  It was right after my 61st birthday when my friend Tracy sent me this necklace with the names of all my past and Sammy's name on it. 

  I guess I now can see looking at the years of pictures that I definitely have a distinct look.  Almond shape eyes and high cheek bones from my Dad along with his small mouth.  My nose though I definitely got from my Mother.  I now believe!