Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 7 of vacation and winners

This time I used an Internet generator to pick the two winners of the first set of Summer Give away and came up with

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2012-06-16 21:04:53 UTC
while looking at the comments I see that the winners are
Cody and Charley.  Please contact me with you mailing information so I can send one of the books out to you.
Day seven of my vacation started out with our sleeping in which a rarity around here with Fiona wanting to eat around 6 AM every morning.  It was lovely, but we really only slept an extra hour.  After having a nice breakfast, we picked up the threesome  from the Vet and were they ever happy to see us.  Fiona about broke her tail when she felt my hand on her head.  Frodo and Arwen were happy but they didn't have time for greetings as they wanted "out of here!".  It didn't take them long to investigate the whole house, drink two bowls of water and then crash out in their favorite sleeping places.

Frodo on his favorite pillow
Arwen crashed out on the tile
I spent the early part of the morning playing with new molds I had gotten in the mail.  This time my experiment was adding Pearl-X powder to the actual resin before it would set up.  It did color the resin, but only a faint tint.  I also got two more ice cube tray molds to play with.  Today the molds were little fish and the cutest dinosaurs you've ever seen.

New trays to play with

My friend Cyndy Sieving who is the most busy woman in the world since she is deep in her Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay preparation for next year.  If you want to met THE QUEEN of organization then you must met  Cyndy.  She singularly picks the teachers, organizes the schedule, works on the website (with help from Mike), contacts students, takes all the orders for classes, deals with the hotel, send notifications to all the students and teachers, and organizes all the events including a wonderful closing event that I think will make everyone happy.  On top of all that, she works full time, helps out with the Guilded Lilies along with being in the Winter Fair committee/Ohio State Fair committee/High Road Show committee, has a booth at the Columbus Christmas Fair, and I am sure there are dozens of other things she does.  So between her busy schedule and my work schedule we rarely get time to get together.  We were able to have a late lunch and do some junk shopping where I found some great things for Chris to use for his robots and a jumper to use in a future class of face painting through the Guild.

I decided to head out to Club Bead at 1 Stop Bead Shop in the evening.  I hadn't been able to attend since the Winter.  It was so fun to walk in and instantly find friends who made a place for me to sit and bead.  We all got caught up on what was happening in our lives that we don't want to talk about on Facebook.  Every single one of us does something different, but we all are together in our love of beads.  I brought my turtle stand for the Synergy project.  Many people walking by our table while shopping for Bead and Button treasure Lisa brought from Milwaukee, stopped to see my doll.  I think I might have gotten some people actually interested in doing beaded dolls or animals for future classes.  Lisa also told me that she wanted me to teach the Tila Window Pane class in the Fall.  This is the class I had to cancel because of work conflicts.  AND I am counting down the days until Marcia Decoster comes to Columbus. There are still spaces left for her two classes

Before I went to Club Bead, I had to stop by Dick Blick on Sawmill Road.  I cannot tell you how great this store is.  You walk in and get greeted no matter how busy the store is. And there has never been a time when someone does ask me what they can help me with. This time I had a young woman help me try to figure out how to color the molded plastic resin faces. She went online to find products but nothing really showed up.  So she gave me a couple ideas.  Have spray paint will make art!  Maybe Sunday...maybe Sunday.

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