Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 5 of StayCation

I woke up in Michigan to a Sunny but cool morning.  Cyndy took me out to breakfast at Cheryl's place in Brighton.  It was delicious with fried potato slices instead of the usually luke warm hash browns.  I drank cup after cup of coffee as we kept talking and sharing stories.  I so wish Cyndy only lived 50 miles away instead of 200.  I can't imagine the trouble we would get into.  Plus, she told me she would teach me how to mold glass...that would be trouble double!

Tray of lovely pendents from local artist

On the way home, I promised Sue that I'd come to visit her over at Stoney Creek Beads in Ypsilanti.  Her daughter owns the store, and Sue works there.  And does she work!  She told me that sometimes she puts in 60 hours a week.  Talk about a dedicated employee!  Stoney Creek Beads is off of I-94 and is a lovely area.  The shop for those who get lost easy (like me) is in the Kroger's shopping plaza.  You can't miss the sign over the shop, and once inside you just can't miss the smiles of Sue greeting you.  The store is very well lit with walls and walls of yummy treasures to look at.  One wall is of just unusual czech glass, fire polish, and hand made poly clay beads made from a local artist.  The center aisles are well laid out with tables of single stones and bead findings.  Books are every where enticing those with enough time to browse leisurely through the place.  And every where is lots of beautiful finished jewelry.  The wall of beads is enough to make a person feel faint.  All the 6-11 seed beads are in large tubes all arranged by color.  They also have a fantastic selection of 15s, cubes, drops, magatomas, and every other thing you can imagine.

Then the case of special items is right to the side with items made by local artist.  I have to especially give you a glimpse of these fabulous owl pendents made by an artist in Port Huron.  They are absolutely the finest ceramic birds I have ever seen.  I could not resist and bought several of these.  I did leave you some if you are interested.  And you should as they were only $15 each.  What a steal!  Here is the phone number to the store if you want to grab some of these owl pendents made by Collins (866-799-2588).  Tell Sue I sent you there.  The best part is that the artist said he could make more of these so buy one, buy two, buy MORE!  I also purchased some other ceramic pieces along with a delicious poly clay flower pendent and some pumpkins that I know will wind up in a Halloween themed piece. 

Sue welcomes the customer

I took a box of dolls and assemblage pieces I had made to show Sue, as it was so crazy at Bead Daze in Farmington Hills that we didn't get a chance to really chat and get to know each other better.  While there many customers came in and wanted to see what I had made.  Fantasty Swim from Bead International 2006 made a big hit.  I could have stayed for hours, but I had to get home by 5 to made sure the girls got all their medications.

Fiona dreaming of food...delicious food
I would like to say that Fiona waited at the door for me all the time I was gone, but I have a feeling that deep in her canine heart she loves the refrigerator more than me. 

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