Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More Fiona

We didn't get to bring Fiona home until she was 16 weeks old.  Usually breeders hold puppies until they are 12 weeks to decide if they are show dog worthy.  One of Fiona's siblings was and became a top notch female winning her championship in record time.  Fiona had too short of a muzzle and an odd trait...if people looked at her, she's put her tail between her legs & cower.  Not exactly what a person is looking for in a show dog.  But to me, she was perfect.  We waited those four longs weeks when we actually when the breeder was on vacation & then we went of vacation, so Fi was almost 4 months old by the time she came to live with us.  Fala could have cared less about her, but Skye & Casper were happy to have a little puppy to play with...until they found out that she loved to bark.  Oh yes!  Fiona was/still is a barker. She'd bark if she saw a fly. She'd bark if she saw a leaf fall off the tree. She'd bark if an ant passed gas a mile away (well, that one might be exaggeration but you get the picture).  When I told the breeder about Fiona's joy of bark...she remarked that yes she knew & was happy when we picked her up!  LOL!...

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