Sunday, March 18, 2012

Early Spring

The weather this past week has been gorgeous.  Temperatures in central Ohio have been 20 degrees warmer than normal, so everything is sprouting and the birds are just going crazy.  Saturday morning we woke up to the Canadian Geese making such a roar as they flew over the house that all of us woke up.  The big Maple tree behind my house has buds on it, the lilac bushes are sprouting green leaves, and all the flowers are in full bloom.  It was so lovely yesterday that we decided to take a walk in one of our favorite Metro Parks in Columbus.  Highbanks sits above the Olentangy River and has a variety of trails to walk on including a very nice dog path meandering through the hills.  We decided to take the river walk and enjoyed the warmth of the Sun, the rush of the river, and all the small wildflowers decorating the path.  I wanted to take close ups with my iPhone 4's camera, and boy did it do an excellent job.  I had fun photographing some of the holes in the old trees and even found one hole with a little living world inside.  But back home, we checked out the yard & wow! the Magnolias are starting to bloom.  I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that the weather stays warm & Spring when if officially starts next week, stays.  A couple years ago we had weather like this where all the fruit trees bloomed, then whammo...Winter came back & that year not a single apple.

Olentangy River at Highbanks Metro Park

Mossy log

Chris standing on the River trail at Highbanks

Magnolia tree in our back yard
So Welcome Spring...we sure have been missing you.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

OMGosh. Magnolias too. The house across the street has a beautiful big one. I was just saying today that I think it usually blooms in early May. Its almost ready to bloom now. I think this is the first winter I didn't suffer from SAD.

Great pics!!