Friday, March 2, 2012

Last day

Boy it was so sad to wake up that last day knowing that I would have to leave and make it back to Columbus leaving my old friends (including Molly the best doggie bed warmer ever), new friends, and the snow!  I drove separate & wow, almost rear ended Maggie who drove in front of us. The roads were horrible.  Liz said at one point Maggie asked her if we were behind them & she said no we were right beside them...waves!

Last day is always bittersweet, but what a way to end.  I had so much fun making pinwheels for Met's Pinwheel Encore necklace.  What a totally unique way to get rivolis caged.  As I was making one, I thought that this would be a wonderful way to use rivolis on bead embroidered collar or cuffs or dolls or...well let's put it this way...I was inspired.  We worked up until 4 pm laughing & enjoying each others' company.  Only sad thing was that Liz was being a teacher's helper in Tracy's class. 

Drive home wasn't too bad.  I plugged the iPhone into Element's jack, and listened to Pandora all the way home.  And wasn't it wonderful to be home again.  I gave Chris a big hug, then plopped  down on the floor to get my fix of Scottie kisses.  They had been saving up all week long and gave me a surplus of love. Then they all shuffled back to the couch and slept the rest of the evening.

Everyone busy working on pinwheels

My very first pinwheel...peyote...there!  I finally matched you.

Sorry for the shadow, but here are my pinwheels and Kudu spiral

Another of Met's kits.  I want to make this SO BAD!
It is always sad to leave and come back home, but this time I brought so many wonderful memories with me and know that I WILL BE BACK!  So how many more days until Bead Daze???


char said...

Beautiful job, looks and sounds like you had a great time. Glad you made it home safely, winter weather driving is always nerve wracking. Happy Beading

The bad Liz said...

Way too many days until the next Bead Daze Frenzy. Molly is waiting.