Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fiona's age

Time never seems to poke its head out and wag a finger at me, because usually I'm too busy to even think about it.  But the other day, after Fiona came home from her latest Spring grooming, I looked at her & she a Dalmation?  She has spots showing through the short fur making her look like a Spotty Scottie.  I took pictures & looking at them realized that she is definitely showing her age.  It made me so sad as I still remember the day we went to the breeders house to see the week old puppies with eyes closed and laying in the welping box.  I instantly feel in love with her when I picked her up and snuggled her against my face, and heard her sigh. 

Fiona is going to be 12 years old on April 1st. Yes, she was an April Fool's Day puppy.  She is blind from the Diabetes, sluggish from old age, and now has liver spots all over her body. She's demanding and has insomnia.  She sleeps where ever she wants and there are times when we have to touch her to make sure she is still breathing as she sleeps so sound.  But let me tell you...when it is breakfast or dinner time, that old girl can still dance a jig that would make a 2 year old put to shame. 

I guess I just forgot how old she is, and it dawned on me that she is the oldest Scottie I've ever had.  Fala only lived to 11 1/2, and Skye was only 8.  So we have a matron here...and she runs the house!  But we love her still & both of us love it when she decides to creep up and want some loving.

We are just happy she has made it this long with us considering 18 months ago she almost died.  She definitely knows what she wants & makes sure we get if for her when she wants!  Life with an old dog isn't easy, but that is the contract I made with that sweet puppy almost 12 years ago.


Lora said...

OH those puppies! We've had Lincoln now for 15 years!! We can't believe he's still around! Lately we wonder if he will out live the bag of dog food we buy, but we've said that about 7 times now and the ole boy is still here.

Lora said...

Old dogs are fighters aren't they. Lincoln, our lab/boxer, is 15 years old!! He's slow moving and Brent has to carry him up and down the steps. We keep thinking his time is coming, but the ole fella is still kickin' it and enjoying life!