Monday, March 19, 2012

Fiona's Birthday

Dot and Chris meeting Fiona for the first time

Such a lovely face to be only 1 week old

We are on a count down here in Westerville.  On April 1st is Fiona's 12th birthday!  She's Diabetic so we cannot give her those doggy birthday cakes (which she did have on her 1st birthday), she is blind so she can't take nice long walks without getting upset, or can I take her someplace to visit other dogs as she barely tolerates Frodo (her son) and Arwen messing with her.  So I decided that for her birthday she'll get not only one but two big birthday brushings. She LOVES sitting while you run a soft bristle brush all over her body.  You can hear her moaning in joy.  So here are a couple pictures from my photo stash that I found the other day while working on another project. 

For those wondering if I still bead or create this past month, I have. But I just can't seem to get motivated to set up the photo shoot area to get better pictures.  I haven't made a doll in over three months, but my bead weaving skills are improving.  I'm working on all those kits I got at Bead Daze.  Met Innmon's kits are amazing.  I finished one luscious necklace, but can't wear it because if I do it will break has no crimp pliers in all this maze of bead stuff I own. So I'll have to either buy a pair, or just go to 1 Stop and beg to borrow one to fix this necklace.

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