Thursday, December 6, 2012

Stress break

Chris and I decided to get away from Columbus for awhile and chose one of our favorite places to go for a quick vacation.  We stayed at the Song of the Sea on Sanibel Island.  It was so relaxing and each day we felt more and more of the stress from these past two years just melt away.  There actually were a couple days when we only drove to the Lighthouse Cafe for a lunch, and then back to the beach to enjoy the Sunshine and the peace.  I feel so much better now as does Chris.  We enjoyed every quiet moment walking the beach looking for treasures in the sand, relaxing around the pool, and just making each moment stretch into the next with no agendas, worries, or future plans.  We truly were just being in the present and enjoying every second of it.

Here I am looking at the birds at the Ding Darling Wildlife Reserve

My friends always take pictures of their view from the lounge chair, so here is my turn to share

Migrant Birds.  Someone told us these were called Black Skimmers

No trip to Florida is complete unless you have a piece of homemade Key Lime Pie

Sunset on Sanibel Island

American White Pelicans roosting on a mud flat at Ding Darling

Mangrove tunnels

Bright Sunny day on Sanibel Island

A few rejects washed up on the shore

Chris doing the Sanibel Stoop

And yes, I had time to bead by the pool side at Song of the Sea
This little girls was enjoying herself in the surf as the Sun set

Brown Pelican flies overhead
Chris and I enjoying a romantic dinner
Bird at Ding Darling
A tiny shell the size of my pinkie finger nail. 

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