Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ebony Elegance & fused glass

I finished up Ebony Elegance and have even worn it many times since.  I love how it is so comfortable to wear.  I'm going to focus on doing smaller pieces that can be worn as daily wear.

Last Saturday I finally got a chance to take a fused glass with Roxanne.  It has been years that I've wanted to take her beginner's fused glass workshop.  Finally, I was able to spend the afternoon with Roxanne and a great group of women that made me feel comfortable even though I was the only beginner there.  I enjoyed sitting at my work table and start cutting glass into pieces and puzzling the different pieces together into pleasing patterns.  But the most fun was not knowing what I was going to end up with after it had all been fired in Roxanne's kiln.  When I got my package back on Tuesday I was ecstatic.  One special project that Roxanne let me work on was taking the a little bit of Frodo and Arwen's ashes and putting into a piece of that was semi Scottie shape.  I started out by drawing a Scottie dog on a piece of wax paper, and then puzzle different pieces of glass to match the shape.  Then, I took all kinds of dichroic glass and bits of this and that spacing everything out evenly. Then I added a bit of each of their ashes to the piece with a small amount of frit to give the ashes a little color.  I am happy with the piece, but wish that I didn't use the yellow rod for the top.  It was a little too much, but I can work with it.  Best part with glass is that I can rework it in later classes.  Oh yes, I'm hooked.  I plan to take more classes with her in the future.

Work space waiting for me
Tray all ready to go into the kiln
My special project using Arwen and Frodo's ashes
I even manage to cut a circle without too much spilled blood
Finished special project
Enough fused glass to keep me busy at bezel all Winter

Sunday I went to the Christmas Fair over at the Aladdin Shrine Temple in Columbus.  My friend Cyndy Sieving has had a booth there since I believe she told me 1997.  I enjoyed sitting with her few hours chatting, gossiping, laughing, and getting caught up on each other busy life.  I took a stroll around the vendor booths. Saw a few things I liked, but actually walked out without spending anything.  But I did so enjoy my afternoon.

Cyndy at her booth advertising for AFICC

Cyndy's newest creation

Working evening shift now.  I sort of like it. The workload is much easier for me as instead of only 3 people, we have 5-6.  The work is different somewhat, but the stress level is way down.  I actually think I'm seeing improvement in my elbow and hope the tendon is healing.  Only thing bad, is that Fiona still wants to wake up early to eat.  So I'm having to make myself get into bed almost as soon as I get home as 6ish wake up call is still early. But you know the dog must be obeyed!

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