Friday, December 14, 2012


I was looking through some of my old back up CDs and found pictures of my beloved Scotties that made me smile.  No tears as I've come to the realization that they have really never left me.  The good times will always be there no matter what.  I love them still.  They love me always.  So here are a few pictures I found of SkyeBlue, Fiona, Frodo, and Arwen.  I'm going to have to find a few of my first Scottie FalaPink to share with you later.  He was my lover boy. Not even Arwen was as much a velcro dog as FalaPink was. 

SkyeBlue, Fiona, and Frodo.  This was taken about 2004

Frodo with SkyeBlue.  Skye loved wearing jewelry. She'd prance around the house like she was a princess. 

Arwen is on the top step with Fiona under her. This was taken the first week Arwen came to live with us.  She was about 6 months old when this was taken. 

Arwen would not come down the steps.  We tried everything to get her to come back down.  So finally we offered he a cookie if she came all the way down.  Well, Fiona and Frodo here the "C" word and had to find out what was going on themselves.  So there the three were watching me standing down in the front room trying to make Arwen come down the steps.  Everyone had their eyes on that cookie.
This is Arwen on the second day she came to live with us.  We picked her up on New Years' Day.  I loved the name Beatrice, so that was her name for two weeks.  I would call her Bea, and she'd come running to me.  But Fiona would come too and then look very confused when I'd reach down to pick up Arwen.  Finally I realized that BEA and FI sounded too much alike. So after much consideration, Chris and I decided to call her Arwen.

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Dolores said...

What cute little dogs and such lovely memories.