Thursday, December 20, 2012

I have been making my way through I CAN Herringbone a little more.  I can't tell you enough what a marvelous book this is.  Click below to find the link to buy this book on Amazon for 1/2 price.  You will NOT regret it:

I Can Herringbone: From Basic Stitch to Advanced Techniques, a Comprehensive Workbook for Beaders

Mish Mash Delight using one of the fused glass pieces from Roxanne's class
One of the lesson's in Mellisa's book where you add to the herringbone chain.  In this experiment, I added a different colored seed bead and then a 4mm pearl giving the chain "bumps
The fused glass piece has a peyote bezel and the crystal has a RAW bevel embellished with glass drops.  I added a few pearls to pop out the color of the crystal and then added a bone rondelles.  

In this project, I made another herringbone chain from Melissa's book and used the twisted version of it.  When Liz was visiting, I found a bag of taxidermy glass eyes so I decided it was time to use one of them on a project.  It was glued down on a piece of Nicole's Bead Backing which is my favorite.
The Eye of the Beholder:  To finish this up, I did a RAW bezel around the eye and embellished with a few glass drops.  To keep it simple, I only did one row of back stitch using seed beads and pearls.  I wore this the other night to work, and no one guessed it was a glass eye looking at them.  


Gutukas said...

A very nice beaded worl. I like your this series, amidst Christmas rush :)happy herringbone mastering. ;)

BackstoryBeads said...

These pieces are captivating! In the first, I love that you changed up the seed beads when you created those bumps in the chain, and the little pops of jewel tones in the focal are fantastic. And speaking of fabulous focals, your second necklace is just perfect!