Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bead Daze-evening hours

Al decided we were worthy

Sharon had to share her snack with the Girls.
And who knew that Sharon loves Peeps...ugh.
After a long day at class, the four of us hunkered down to some serious relaxing.  But before that, we took a little side trip to Kroger's so Sharon and Maggie could get a few supplies.  Liz and I decided to have a little treasure hunt. We noticed everyone of the employees were watching us when we could not stop laughing and were having too much fun playing with the wind up Easter toys.  Later at the house,  Liz's husband, Al, decided that we were "worthy" enough to have some of his Jamaican Cream Rum (which he bought in Jamaica where you could only buy this stuff).  Was this stuff ever good!  Then we got out the beads and kettle corn.  Sharon had to part with a few of her morsels of the sweet salty snack with Molly, Chloe, and Casey.  I think we were up until around 11pm just having the best time.

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