Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vacation time

Well, I'm up & half packed ready to head up North for 5 days of beading frenzy.  I joined Great Lakes Beadworkers' Guild last year, but with health issues around here & scheduling conflicts at work, I haven't been able to get up to the Detroit area for a meeting or classes.  But, I'm on my way now up to Bead Daze.  I'm taking 4 seed bead classes, two each with Nancy Cain & Met Immon.  I can't wait. They best part though is to get to met these women who've I've only corresponded with on Face Book.  I'm going to be staying with Bad Liz who I got to finally met & hang out with a few times when at Bead & Button show in Milwaukee last year.  As a surprise, our old friend Sharon is flying in from Tucson and her buddy Maggie is driving up from Northern Ohio.  It will be a full house, but it is going to be a blast.  Nothing like mixing laughter, wine, beads, Bailey's, a few dogs, and more smiles that imaginable.  Just wish that Liz had a bigger house so we could get some of you in there too.  I'm going to be taking pictures & if you follow me over at Facebook, check in as I hope to post them daily.

Now to shower, finish packing & get into the car for a 3 1/2 hour drive.

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