Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Great Lakes Beadworker's Guild-Bead Daze

And indeed it was a dazzling week filled with fun, instructions, food, and so much laughing.  I joined Great Lakes Beadworker's Guild in 2011, but was unable to make it up to the Detroit area for meetings or classes.  Now why would I want to join a Guild that was about 200 miles away from my home? we use to tell our Mother when we wanted to do something really bad but didn't have any clue why.  That was until last week when I finally got to met many of these women who I have "met" through the Internet site and through the GLBG Facebook page.  Putting faces with names is always a treat, and let me tell you that each person wore an art gallery so it was so hard to not want to touch the necklaces, the bracelets, the earrings, or the purses.  I refrained somewhat. 

Tuesday meeting showing off components challenge
Liz points out to Sharon the last demo of the day
I got there last Tuesday and stayed with Liz whom I met through Sharon (she moved to Tucson) who I met through Ohio Beaders way way way back.  Sharon & I figured out that we have known each other for 8 years.  Sharon's friend Maggie also joined us staying at Liz's home.  It was like a big slumber party every single night with beading, laughing, and playing with Liz's three fox terriers.  I even got to have a nice bed warmer as Molly was insistent that Sharon & I let her under the covers to sleep.

Nancy Cain & her helper, Liz Thompson

Lovely peyote dragonfly.  I feel confident, but not enough to try this project.

More of Nancy's incredible work.

I finished the crystal spacer for Nancy's class.
First day was with Nancy Cain.  The class was called three sisters.  I finished up my first crystal spacer using peyote and began to work on the chain which is peyote, herribone, and netting.  Nancy had the most amazing things for us to look at.  I bought two more instructions to try my hand at some of these pieces.  The only one that I know I cannot do is the dragonfly which I reluctantly did not buy

I WAS peyote challenged.  Notice I said was...until these four days of classes with first Nancy and then Met Innmon.  I can say that I am successfully a peyote graduate. 

more later.

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