Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scottie and BEADS!

This is a picture of my beloved Scottie SkyeBlue who passed away 5 years ago. I loved this dog so much. She was the sweetest Scottie & so smart. I bought her sight unseen except for a couple .jpg over the internet. I had first seen a wheaten colored Scottie on a website from someone who lived out West. They sent me a picture for our website Scottie Obsession. Oh yes, I've been on the internet since 1990. We had one of the first personal websites dedicated to the Scottish Terrier. It wasn't about showing dogs, or breeding dogs, or anything commercial at all. It was all about my beautiful first Scottie, FalaPink. The website was primitive by today's standards, but I loved writing the fictional stories about Fala & the Scottish Clan Commandos that my fellow Scottie owners shared on a group called CyberScots ( I think it still exist someplace out there.). I had recipes, many links to other websites for Scottie owners, and one of our albums was dedicated to "Fala's Furry Friends". Many people back then didn't have the skills to have their own personal website, so I'd get many pictures in the mail from people all over the US/World (yes! I got mail from Norway, Russia, Japan, South Africa). It was a "global" Scottie world. Oh and THIS is how I met my best friend Cynthia who taught me to bead! But, a person sent me a picture of a wheaten colored Scottie. I WANTED ONE so bad. So when a person online posted she had a litter of wheaten puppies, I e-mailed & called her. I got a sweet little wheaten girl. She was shipped to us, and therefore Chris named her SkyeBlue. More about Skye i a later post as she was such a lovely wonderful Scottie girl.

Okay back to the story of the picture. Dulcey Heller makes the most wonderful beaded kits. I bought "Fire and Ice" from her & made it up in record time as I loved the design. Skye loved to wear the jewelry I made, and though I don't have many pictures of her wearing the necklaces, she has adorn many of my finished pieces. I sent this picture to Dulcey & explained to her that my Skye was my baby & therefore she wears what I wear, eats what I eat, and sleeps where I sleep (she slept at on my pillow with her paws over my forehead). I found this picture because at the Bead Unique Tahoe Retreat there is a call for pictures of pets with jewelry. I went through my files looking for this, and just have to share my lovely girl wearing a beautiful necklace. Alas, the necklace is broken, because when Skye died, I was so upset I started to cut it up. I made one cut and stopped thinking this was one thing I had of her. I have a box of "Skye" things to make a little shrine to her someday when my heart doesn't break looking inside that box. I still have the necklace, & I'm sure I could repair it, but now that necklace belongs to SkyeBlue.

Another wonderful Scottie sighting. LOL! On the Scottie groups I use to belong to, we'd do SS whenever we'd find anything with Scotties on it. Socks at Macys...sighting. New book with Scotties on it...sighting. Pajamas at Penney's...sighting. is my SCOTTIE SIGHTING with beads involved. I follow Marcia DeCoster's blog for drool factor & to hopeful learn something about color & design from her. I posted a message & there in a teeny tiny picture looked like a Scottie. I tried to enlarge it, but couldn't tell so I clicked on that person's webpage. BEAUTIFUL jewelry and A SCOTTIE! Check out the lovely work by Gill of Beadography.

One more thing. I finally got the repairs done of my piece "Getting Motivated" which won first place at AFIC and then was broken. I must say that it really does look better. Have to get Chris to get the camera out & take a picture of the new & improved.



Gill Slone - Beadography said...

What a beautiful Scottie and what a fortunate one to have found you - they're a very special breed, but then I am biased. Thanks for the mention, D, you're too kind!

Dulcey said...

Dot, let me know if you are missing any beads to repair your Skye's Fire and Ice -- I'd be happy to give them to you! I hope you can make that shrine for her someday. Thanks for the compliment...

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

It doesn't matter how many dog friends you ever have. One will be THE one that can never be replaced. For me it was Dino, 125 pound Rotweiler/Lab/Bearded Collie mix. He loved me and I was devoted to him. His brother was a close second. They have been gone for about 6 years now and I still miss them more than most people unerstand.

flyingbeader said...

Thank you so much Dulcey. I haven't looked at the necklace in over a year. I know one of the swags was damaged before I made myself stop. Funny, but I still can't seem to forget my funny wee girl. She was only 8 when she died. I found her collapsed when I came home from work. She'd had an tumor that ruptured. She was such a lovely little dog. I bought Arwen because she looked so much like Skye, but Arwen is not Skye. Arwen is her own freaky baby dog self. I have Skye's picture on my desk to remind of all the people she helped me met & of the love she gave me in her short little life.

Pegasus Kelly said...

Skye is a gorgeous looking lady and it is a lovely necklace.