Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bad to good day

Okay, first off I've had a very very bad 24 hours. I first find out that the tech who quit 2 weeks ago is not going to be replaced so we'll have to work short to cover that. Then Monday I find out my other tech who has only been with us less than a year turned in her transfer request to work at the bigger hospital (I told her it was a big mistake, but whatever. AND to top the cake we get an e-mail from the President that there will be a salary freeze for 6 months (I was so looking forward to an hourly raise as I've been at the top of the pay scale for two years & then raised it 2 weeks after I got my last evaluation). AND they are not going to be matching out retirement 403B. Yeppers...I was in a very very low & foul place. I was suppose to go to my 25 year recognition dinner tonight. Imagine trying to eat food when you know that is ALL you'll get. SO yes...not a good mood at all & when I woke up & told Chris he was upset too and told me we didn't have to go to this dinner tonight.

THEN...I open up my Yahoo mail & get an e-mail from the lady (thank you Anne) who bought my Podling from our BFAC auctions. She told me first that she actually knew Layne (!) and thanked me for donating my artwork to the project. Said her Mother had died of colon cancer. Then told me that the piece was in her studio. GUYS...I broke down & cried great big tears. I STILL am choked up about this. Here I was at my darkest point and one e-mail from something I did for charity has changed my whole day...heck, my whole year! She told me she found me through the BJP. So not only has BFAC helped to change the lives of our fellow men who are afflicted with colon cancer, but it helped lift my dark mood & has given me a newer outlook on the window of life that I see every single day. Thank you BFAC for making this day more bright & meaningful

I thought of this saying to sum up my feelings:
The job I do with my hands is to make the money to live on...the work I do with my heart makes me soar and enjoy life. Hand and Heart keep me whole.



Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Your post has ended with a quote that expresses the truth of life. Too bad more people have not learned it yet. Often a small gesture can be the highlight of your day.

Glad you posted a reminder to us all.

Timaree said...

I'm glad you got that email. Still, it's unfair for you to have to make up the difference of two people leaving work and not even getting a cost-of-living raise. So, did you choke on your dinner??

My niece may be losing her teaching job and my son is out of work when this school year ends - he's losing his job because the principle didn't like his politics as if that's fair! My niece and her husband lost their jobs but she regained one only to get so sick with dizziness they are wondering if she has a brain tumor. Oh, life is what it is as Pam Truog (of the BJP) says. Still, when it hits you personally, it hurts and you have a right to feel bad about it.

Hope tomorrow is better.

coolmoon said...

Follow your heart....the rest is just details.
Wonderful story.
Love the bead, and it will definitely love you back - in more ways than one....