Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fall Classes at Byzantium

These are the two pieces that I need to get to Byzantium for Fall 2009 classes. I decided to do two classes even though my Fall is going to be so busy with my going to MM&M with Pam in September to take a class with Pam Gross & then my going to the Bead Unique Retreat at Lake Tahoe in October. But my students asked for the encrusted cuff bracelet again, but this time they wanted it to be flat. I'd made a bracelet using the black/pink/silver colors for a coworker who loves Goth designs. I liked it too, and decided to do another one using pink crystals. I also used a different type of edging to the bracelet to give it a different look. Well, looks the same, but I believe it will be easier for the students than the ruffle that I usually like. I also wanted to do a doll to keep everyone interested. I was going to do a pink fairy with wings and all that, but after I did just the torso, the doll told me to stop. I rested it in the palm of my hand with the fringe hanging down, and decided this was enough. It want to do teach this doll in October which is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I decided to call this doll a Palm Prayer, because she fits so nicely in the hand and what a wonderful gift to give to someone from one palm to another. I sat at my work table thinking how lucky I am that I know no one who is now diagnosed with breast cancer or is in treatment (most of the women I know are survivors! YEAH!). Then this afternoon when I woke up, Judy on Doll Street Dreamers announced that one of the members of our community has just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I felt a chill go all over my body. So to whomever you are, where ever your are, this doll and class is dedicated to you. Barb Keeling who is also doing the Bra Doll Challenge put out a call to make a doll & send to this unknown woman to help her through her treatment. Another member also put out a call to do a round robin for our unknown member and to another member who has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I want to help both because there is nothing like the feeling that you are being thought of when faced with a scary journey. dot


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Your projects are stunning. There is something about pink and black that I really like. Your doll was right, she's perfect.

Don't you wish we would never ever hear about another person with the diagnose?

Pam R said...

I love the idea of the Palm Prayer. Excellent!

The flat bracelet looks like fun too!

Miss you.


Lynn said...

Dot, the palm prayer is perfect. I know it would be a perfect piece to hold while getting treatment. Thanks for taking the time to care and share!

Lisa Crone said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by Abeadaday! I didn't realize the gahanna shop was having a garage sale, I'm going to try to head over there if I can!! I just looked at the byzantium email about the class schedule and LOVE your deco bracelet! I need to check my schedule, but would be very interested in this class. Awesome design! In case you haven't heard this recently, YOU ARE GOOD!! :)