Thursday, October 11, 2012

Work in Progress

Chris and I have been talking about possibly going to Utah next year.  It has been probably over 20 years since we've been out to Canyon Lands and Bryce Canyon.  We thought wouldn't it be fun to go back out and see what has remained the same (and I'm sure) and what has changed.  The main thing that hasn't changed is the BIG night sky out in Utah especially at Bryce Canyon.  On night were there is the New Moon you can see from horizon to horizon nothing but stars.  You can even seen the spiral of the Milky Way.  There are always people out there with telescopes letting you view the amazing star scape which will make you feel excited and very small.  But it is the most amazing sight you can ever see.  I have only seen the Milky Way a hand full of times as I grew up in smoggy Los Angeles and have always lived in a big city with lots of lights.  The first time, I was a little girl with my Dad walking around the Painted Desert area and asked him what was that up there.  He laughed realizing that I'd never seen that many stars so he explained all the stories the stars told me.  He then said that on some nights you can see people dancing on the Milky Way.  I always remember that special night, and yes!  when in Utah I did look for those mysterious dancers.

Pearl squares with gemstones in the center
Pink and brown beads left over from Beading for a Cure kit

Using a fan design to mimic the spirals of the Milky Way

Yes, this is RAW with a peyote closing bezel

Vintage sequins given to me by Joyce Griffiths
This is a work in progress with lots of experimenting.  I've used the same basic collar template, but this time I wanted to try using Right Angle Weave to cage in the big piece of glass that JJ Jacobs gave me.  I also experimented caging the little glass crystals that Liz gave me too.  And of course, where would I be without Nicole's Bead Backing setting the color for this piece, and my special dwindling hoard of bone rondelles.  I'm hoping to get this done soon so come back and see how I've decided to finish it and yes/no? on fringe.  And remember to watch for those dancers on a dark clear night.


BackstoryBeads said...

Gorgeous! What a treat to get to see your work in progress - every inch is a treasure hunt! Fringe? Definitely!

Diana Evans said...

oh wow!!!! your work is amazing....this looks gorgeous....

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's really much detail and it appears to dance! I lived in Northern NM years ago and I sure loved seeing that big open sky! I would love to travel back to that part of the country, too!

Pam R said...

Jim and I are going to Colorado next week. We are meeting up with old friends for dinner at their house. We haven't seen them for 27 years!