Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Images are an essential part of our human existence.  We are bombarded with millions of images each day from television, magazines, books, internet, and daily excursions outside our home.  Even when we aren't presented with an image, we make them up.  Remember laying in a bed of grass looking up at the clouds and making them into elephants, dogs, or flowers?  So images are a mainstay of our life, and they can make us feel emotions ranging from delight to outright disgust.  Images make you think, make you feel, make you connect with the world.

Lark Craft has presented us with a new series called PUSH.  PUSH actually is pushing the boundaries and finding a new way to present what was ordinary into extraordinary.  I received PUSH PRINT and immediately fell in love with this coffee table type book.   The physical book itself is a delight of tactile exploration, and opening the pages we see printmaking taken to the next level.  I've always been interested in print matter.  I saved pages from magazines that attracted my attention and placed them in my books.  And since my husband is a self made graphic designer, I like him enjoy looking at new views using traditional and new techniques.  PUSH PRINT is curated by Jamie Berger and Keith Berger. They have chosen 31 unique artist and presented some of their work in this new book.  Along with the images of these artist, they asked the Artist questions about their work and their outlook on what they have presented to their audience.

I wish I could show you an image of every single artist in this book as each of the 31 have taken the Art of Printmaking to one more level.  My favorite of the 31 is German artist Roman Klonek.  He works with a technique called "lost cut" which uses only one plate.  The colors he uses and the bold images really make me want to work with more primary colors in my own beading.

Artist Mark Bovey states that his printmaking allows him to take a "journey down to a broad spectrum of paths with ideas that have the potential to grow, combine, or collapse.  For me, PRINT is also sculptural. And print has always been photography. So print means possibilities for expression and a broad aesthetic potential".  I feel this way when I am working on a beaded piece that takes me one step outside myself.

Some images are surreal and innocent.  Teresa James' work is filled with innocence and purity.  While Tom Hulk refers to himself as "rural satire".  Sean Crawford uses science making it organic which mirrors his work in the biomedical field.  Cannonball Press has the most stunning and emotional production installation pieces which present the audience with a three dimensional excursion.  Tugboat Printshop uses hand crafted artistic techniques by using "drawing and thinking stages the printmaking process" to have fun.

No matter if you find the images in this book thought provoking, inspiring, or disgusting, the Printmakers have done what they set out to do.  To reach in and pull out an emotion to the image they've presented to you.

PRINT PUSH is a wonderful book to give any artist no matter what genre they work in.  And with Christmas on our door steps, I know there are many of you out there that would love opening this book and share the content with other like mind friends and family. 

Disclosure...As a reviewer of  products from Lark Books, I receive the book above free of charge. I have been asked to review these products and give my honest opinion of the products...positive or negative. I am not being compensated by Lark Books for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received and reviewed.

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