Sunday, October 21, 2012

Synergy Win

 Last weekend was the big dinner for the Great Lakes Beadworker's Guild 20th anniversary.  It also was the presentation of the Synergy awards.  My partner texted me at the dinner telling me that we came in 3rd place.  We were to present a representation of Detroit in beads.  My partner chose Belle Isle which houses a garden, statues and a aquarium.  I chose to make a water sprite doll on a turtle's back.  Cyndy made the glass bouquet with flowers she had made and all the glass fish. 

Please met Belle Isle Voyagers 

"Photograph by Sylvus Tarn ~ Rejiquar Works"

To view other pieces from this event click here to see Synergy 2012.  There were so many wonderful pieces depicting various places and themes all revolving around Beading Detroit.  Also click here to see the installation of Synergy by our president Sharon Wagner.  And click here to see an article written about the gallery show and YES!  that is a picture of the bead work on my piece.

It was so enjoyable to work with Cyndy taking ideas and presenting them with beads and glass. We got to know each other while working on this project and are already talking about other collaborations.  

I want to Thank Sharon for all the hard work with this gallery show and to Sylvus for doing all the professional photograph for me to use.  But most of all to Cyndy show invited me to spend a couple days at her beautiful home in Michigan where we laughed, talked, and beaded away a whole afternoon.

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