Friday, October 19, 2012

Dancing on the Milky Way

Finally the weather cooperated yesterday so I could get out and take pictures.  I just took everything out that I've been working on this past month and a half since Frodo and Arwen left me and photographed all the pieces.  I have been prolific.  Someone asked me that on Facebook, and I stepped back and had to think why have I been in such a frenzy.  Well, beading is my therapy and how I cope with issues that are bothering me.  I don't find comfort laying in bed crying, or letting myself go numb in front of the television.  I have always keep busy during deep emotional times.  With each bead, I think.  And you can see from my work, that I've been thinking a whole lot.  Possibly it is a mantra racing around inside my head spreading healing salve on my spirit.  It does work.  Though, I still have some work related issues to get through, all the illness and death from this past year has washed through me.  Some still remains.  I have been getting rid of Frodo and Arwen's things.  Arwen's coat is going to an old friend who has a 12 year old Scottie that needs something to keep his bones warm this coming Winter, and some of Frodo's things are going to another Scottie owner here in Columbus who also does Earth Dog.  We decided to not get another dog at this time.  We are going to let Fiona be the only during her last years, and when the time comes for a new Scottie we'll buy him all new things.  But I am not healed all the way.  When I opened their toy box, I had to shut it fast. The look of their bunny they chases each other around the house with, or Frodo's red dog made me cry again.  I know it will still take time like it did with FalaPink and SkyeBlue.  Meanwhile, my beading is my therapy helping me stop my heart from weeping. 

Meanwhile, I have pictures of Dancing on the Milky Way to share with you.  I really love the symmetry of this piece, and it really is light weight enough to wear all day long.  I did!  I wore it one day and yes I did get many comments from strangers.  It makes me want to sing when I wear it...oh and go outside to dream of dancing on the curling spirals of the Milky Way galaxy.  Join me

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