Monday, July 30, 2012

Buzzing brain

I tell you but my brain is buzzing with ideas all the time.  Who gave my Muse an espresso???  Oh wait, that was probably me.  But every where I see things that inspire me and give me more ideas.  I don't know what I want now...more hours in the day..or more hands to do multiple jobs at the same time.  I found a new artist making the most incredible pendents over on Facebook's Bead Soup Party Cafe.  Her name is Marti Conrad.  She posted pictures of a few of her fish pieces she'd been working on.  I caught one look at the pink/black/blue pendent and knew I must have it.  So I bought it along with a another one and definitely was so pleased when I opened the package and got it out.  I was right in the middle of finishing Fern Goddess at the time, so I could not wait to start.  I can't find any of my starting photos, but yesterday I did a three hour marathon and got quiet a bit done. 

Usually I have such a hard time naming pieces, but this one came easy.  Six years ago, I had to go to Miami for training on the Coulter Hematology machine. We got the royal treatment every night.  One evening a group of us went to South Beach for dinner and party.  After dinner, and before I was to met the group at a club we'd decided on, I wanted to walk along the beach getting my feet wet in the Atlantic Ocean.  It was dusk, and the beach wasn't crowded at all.  It was lovely to be out with bare feet in the sand during March!  I turned to look back at land side where all the lights from the restaurants and clubs were on.  The colors of the neon and the buildings always stuck with me.  And looking down at the pendent from Marti made me fly back to that moment on the beach were the lights were reflected in the pounding waves.  Instantly, I knew this was to be called South Beach Reflections.  Along with the pendent from Marti, I'm using rhinestones I got from Liz.  Some of them are squarish so I'm having to rethink how to "cage" them in.  So far, I'm pretty happy with this project.

Something else happened today that I'd like to mention.  If you've been following my blog, then you are aware that my youngest Scottie, Arwen, was diagnosed with bladder cancer back in October.  Usually the prognosis for canines with this type of cancer is 0-120 days.  Yes, that is correct...days!  When we got the news, we both were devastated.  I went to Facebook and made a comment.  Instant one of my old Scottie friends private me telling me that her dog Sydney has had it for almost three years and had survived that long due to preventative therapy medications.  Anne sent me a list of drugs to ask my Vet about.  During this time, whenever I've felt low or think that these are Arwen's last days, I write to Anne. She is always been there.  She has given me the strength to go on with her encouragement and knowledge.  I don't know what I've done without her during this time.  This afternoon when I signed on to Facebook, I saw that Anne had had to take Sydney for her last Vet trip.  Sydney the brave twelve year old girl has gone to be with all those other pets taken from our hearts too soon.  I went downstairs and hugged my baby girl so tight. Then came back and messaged Anne to thank her for being there for me. And in my heart, I was so hoping that even my few words could help her handle this loss and grief. 
Arwen sleep on the couch

I know in a previous post about the Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry book, I mentioned the words that Ray wrote about the community of beaders sharing lives with each other.  There are so many more communities out there that help and support each other night/day  24/7.  Some of my Scottie friends are people I've know online for over 20 years when I first brought FalaPink home to our new home 23 years ago.  Some I met online the next year on an Internet group called Scotti_L back when you subscribed to Internet message boards.  Then the Internet was born, and we all moved to groups such as CyberScots and Yahoo Groups.  We've found each other on Facebook, and though we've never met in person there are these Scottie friends who are always there for me as I am for them.  We are a community. We are a family. Sharing the laughs and the tears.  For Anne and are big hugs for you.

Anne's Sydney

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Diane Lithgow said...

Keep up your spirits with Arwen. Every day is a present and your scotties are lovely. I emjoyed meeting them and they would be just the type of dog I would have if possible.
your collars are beautiful and they will look lovely when you wear them.
Diane, New Zealand