Friday, July 20, 2012

IT is HERE: Showcase 500 beaded jewelry

Last week, I was up here in the office loft doing what I usually do when I first wake up in the afternoon: I was sitting here looking at Facebook and catching up on the day with my friends.  All the dogs were quiet downstairs sleeping away as it was so hot outside and the A/C inside made it a nice comfortable place to sleep (especially for Fiona who was sleeping on the vent).  Then I heard the screen door open and a "thump".  Instantly all three dogs jumped to life wanting to let me know that someone or something interrupted their middle afternoon nap. Chris went downstairs and brought me up a package. When I saw it was from Sterling Publishers, I got all excited.  They send me the most amazing books to review or give away to you, my blog followers.  I opened it up and there was the long awaited for book that already it getting wonderful reviews.  It was

I went downstairs and poured myself another cup of coffee and snuggled down in my comfy chair in the upstairs studio.  Then like Dorothy taking that first step on the yellow brick road toward Emerald City, I turned the page and was instantly taken into a place tickling my Muse and making my Inner Goddess jump up and down.  Each page is filled with luscious designs and a varied array of color combinations that will make anyone smile with delight.
And I am so proud that two of my pieces are included in this book

Ray Hemachandra wears so many hats at Lark Jewelry & Beading group at Lark Book, but he has far outdone himself as the juror of this wonderful piece.  Here are 500 of the most stunning jewelry designs submitted by 275 artist from over 30 countries.  Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry is being promoted as a gift book and with Christmas coming up fast why not cross off names from your Christmas  list by purchasing now.  But let me step back here and truly recommend that this is a MUST book for you an Artist and Designer.  Study the pages to observe the color palettes used, or pathways, or just design aspects to further your journey down your own road of discovery.

In his introduction, Ray writes that beading is "one of the world's oldest forms of creative expression, professionalized in recent decades with the artwork and books of leading beaders...but the advent and power of the social media have changed the development of the beading community".  He writes that through online communications, the world of beading has changed dramatically from one person alone in her studio surrounded by her beads to that of a living organism sharing ideas and personal insights on everything from what to have for dinner to what ideas a certain newly acquired bead brings to mind.  The computer and Internet have changed most of us bringing us closer together and getting to know each other more so than even five years ago.  By joining the community of like minded Artist through blogs, Facebook, Twitter, or any other tool, those who once sat alone creating is now transformed into a vital link to the creative flow of our Art.  We share, we commune, we become one with ideas or suggestions.  And I have to say that that before when you saw an amazing design in a magazine, were you not a little intimidated by that person if you every met them?  I know I was...but by sharing and reaching out, we see the warm human behind the "name", and they too see that same excitement in the newly arrived in beading community.  Barriers have been breached, and we have truly become a community of caring giving humans one bead at a time.

I have decided to share with you a piece of this global road of creativity by sharing with you some of the images from the book by fellow Artist here in Ohio.  I have been lucky to share a couple steps with a few of them along our yellow brick road.  Who knows how long it will take us to find the Emerald City, but I believe that we will all arrive there together and My! won't it be a big party.


Beadwright said...

Hi I posted yesterday about the new 500 and you. Congrats

Nancy Wu said...

Cool.I want to get one for my mom's birthday.