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Review-Making Fabric Jewelry

 Congrats to Marlene from Its All About
Creating.  She has won Making Fabric Jewelry.
August 10 2012 -1908 EST  dl

Along with half a bead store embedded in my home, I also have a fairly modest collection of fabrics.  Even though I make small dolls, there are just times when I see a piece of fabric that I MUST HAVE!  Even on vacations, I'll go to the local quilt shop to find something unique.  Back in 2010, I bought a bunch of fabric from Kauai and barely got it off the island in my checked bag.  I think there was only 1.5 pounds left...I could have bought more if I knew.  And I'm going to confess here that I not only find great fabric at quilt shoppes, but also at thrift stores.  Yes, there you got me.  I love looking at all the different fabrics and buttons at the thrift store.  I've found some pieces there that are just amazing.  Where else could I find a jumper with graphics of female heroes with laser guns shooting aliens?  Really, I found it in a flea market in Seattle.
From old pants, clothing label, buttons, and thread you: What will you make?
So when my friends at Lark Craft sent me a new book about making Jewelry out of Fabric, I had to sit down and make my racing heart stop.  Once again Marthe Le Van has brought out a thrilling book that takes two of my favorite things and merged them together into 23 great projects.  Making Fabric Jewelry by Marthe Le Van is out right now!  Listen to me as I need this book, you need this book, you need this book!  It is perfect for all those crafters out there who like me have hoards of material, scraps, buttons, threads, and everything else through in.  Marthe writes, "one of the perks of crafting with fabric is the sheer quantity of materials to choose from, each one conjuring up a different association" with all types and sorts of fabric from jeans to satin.

The first 25 pages is a wonderful resource on techniques that anyone from a beginner to a master craft person will enjoy looking and learning from.  It gives you an overview of everything from all the different fabric types, to needles, to machine and hand stitching instructions, to finish up with wire and findings and beads...Oh my!  Then the fun begins.  Each of the 23 projects by top jewelry designers have clean pictures with instructions to make you dream of each piece of fabric jewelry.  You will want to dig into those scrap bags of fabric you knew would someday come in handy, or crawl around the floor picking up those loose pieces of thread, cut up a pair of old jeans you've had since the disco era, and start drifting through the clothes aisle at the flea market looking for unique fabrics.
One of the many projects using old clothing labels and buttons.  What a great idea!

Don't throw away all those loose threads.  Learn to create these Chyrsalis

Those old shorts don't fit anymore?  Use them to make gorgeous bracelets for friends.

Lark Craft has also been generous in letting me have a copy to give away to you, my followers.  

 The rules for give away is as follows:
Leave a comment to this post and think about becoming one of my wonderful followers. 
 Please make sure you have a way for me to get a hold of you if you win.  You can either leave an e-mail address or make sure your blogger profile has your contact information.

The deadline for this give away is August 10th.

This give away is open for US and Canadians crafters

Also, for fun let me know what you'd like to make from your fabric stash: bracelet, necklace, name it.

Remember that Christmas is coming up fast on us all.  This book will give you some wonderful ideas to make unique pieces for friends, coworkers, family, and your Lark Craft book reviewer(L0L).

Disclosure...As a reviewer of  products from Lark Books, I receive the book above free of charge. I have been asked to review these products and give my honest opinion of the products...positive or negative. I am not being compensated by Lark Books for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received and reviewed.


Shelley Graham Turner said...

Thanks a bunch - just what I need another craft outlet! hahaha really, I would love to learn of a new way to make use of all the fabric I have...I've quilted too! I would definitely make use of this book. AND I will be following you too. Shelley Graham Turner

A Polymer Penchant said...

I have very little fabric, mu mum on the other hand has rooms full so I'm sure she could spare me a few bits to make something fun! Thanks for the chance to win

Dale said...

Wooo hooo! Would love to get a copy of this book and I'm pretty sure Id start the madness with bracelets! I do follow you and will double check that.

Leanne said...

I would love to find ways to use all of my fabrics to make jewelry! I would make a bracelet first - but maybe I'll see something I want to try out in the book :)

mary ruth in NC said...

This looks like a really neat book. I have been a quilter in the past, so I have a built in fabric stash.

Its All About Creating said...

I am now following. Thank you for the opportunity to win the book. I love the thread project! Marlene
arteveryday@msn . com

Wilma said...

Looks like a really great book - have a big fabric stash, so this would be right up my "alley". Thanks - I am already a follower of your blog. regards,

Tanya Ozanne said...

Great and hugs Tanya

rockcreekcreations said...

As most crafters, i was a quilter before i started making jewelry. I have actually pulled out my dyed fabric collection and started using it to make bracelets. This book would be very helpful in using more of my fabric.

TorqueStory said...

Love the bracelet idea in the photos.

Micheladas said...

I have some extra fabric laying around and would love to be able to use it to make jewelry. I have been following you for some time now, but glad I do...
thanks for the chance to win :)

Its All About Creating said...