Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another Bead Soup Blog Party Partner

I was on the Bead Soup Blog Party Facebook Page last week, when one of the participants announced that her assigned partner had to drop out.  Judy Jacobs was looking for someone else who could step in.  Since I'm on a hot roll of designing and beading, I told her I would do it without a blink.  When she accepted, I decided to take a look at some links for her website and her blog.  All I can say is WOW!  I actually thought the paintings on the home page of her website were fabrics.  The colors are so muted with patterns that just mesmerize the eyes.  When I clicked on her portfolio to look at her other works, I feel in love with the colors of her paintings.  Every single one of them made my Inner Muse just sing with the lovely colors and pattern.  Then I click on the link to view her glass work.  Can we just say WOW! twice in a blog posting.  The colors and shapes drew me in, but the actually construction and design were enough to make me want to drool all over this keyboard.  It is hard to pick out a favorite, but I think this one below really called to me.  Then I strolled over to her blog and once again was enthralled with the colors and patterns of her paintings.  Oh wait, but there is even more to look at.  She has a fan page on Facebook...

My favorite piece of her fused glass pieces
I got her "Soup" a couple days ago, but was working swing shifts so I didn't get a chance to really look closely at what she'd sent me to work with.  Stunning is all I can say.  The fused glass pieces are just wonderful.  I have all these pictures in my head on how to use them all in a big necklace.  Then she also sent me these adorable porcelain heads.  Am I one lucky girl or not?  I need to get my sketch book out for this one.  I don't want to do anything that will overwhelm the fused glass, but I want something intricate and rich enough to accompany the glass.  I'm going to be really truly enjoying myself these next two months creating and designing and most of all BEADING. 

close up of the fused glass pieces...the colors are amazing


TorqueStory said...

Dot, you overwhelm me with your beading output! That is a lovely collection from your other swap partner.

gelfling50 said...

cool soup would love to be a part of a bead soup group but can't figure out how to do any pointers...Jacqueline Marchant