Tuesday, July 3, 2012

6th Bead Soup Blog Hop Party

Well, remember I was going on and on about my power coming back on yesterday? Well, as soon as I posted that entry our power went out again.  Talk about upset!  I hadn't even gotten into the shower.  Luckily we had some power & were smart enough to turn the A/C on but still I went another day with funky hair.  Hummmm...can I get a generator just for my Ott Lamp, coffee maker, and hairdryer.  Think about the important things, right?  LOL!  Well, it did come back on but AFTER I went to work with a cooler of perishable food.  I was so happy to actually go to work last night in the cool chilly air conditioned laboratory-a definite first for me.  But it is on, and we are hoping that it will stay.  I saw the news that there are still over 80,000 in Central Ohio without power.  Many of those big power poles over around the New Albany area were destroyed causing problems in the Northeast part of Columbus.  AEP crews from as far away as California and Quebec are here or on their way.  I hope all those still without power can find safe places to keep cool.  Oh and another thing about Columbus:  Tonight is Red,White & Boom.  It is one of the largest fire work displays in the MidWest.  Millions of people go downtown to watch this fantastic display.  When I worked downtown, I would go into work early to watch the display and then head back down to the laboratory waiting for the ER to start cranking up with dehydration cases and the occasional trauma.

So talking about fireworks and BOOM!, this blog post is about Lori Anderson's 6th Bead Soup Blog Hop party.  There are 400 people this time around.  WOW!  It is amazing how Lori organizes this keeping her cool and matching people with partners.  This year since there are so many people participating in the Bead Soup Blog Party, she split the reveal dates to three separate groups.  I'm in on the last group.  How does this work after Lori sends your partner's name and contact information?  Well, you get ahold of your partner getting to know what they like and their snail mail address.  The only real rule is that you have to send a focal piece and a clasp that MUST be used in your final design.  Everything else is up to you. 

Lori also gave people the option to be matched with someone who loves seed beads.  YEAH!  I "met" my partner Geneva Collins who probably adores seed beads as much as I do.  Here is the link to her blog.  I see she has this fascination with beaded insects...sweet! Now, I just mailed her package to her because I didn't have power to get her address from the nice e-mail she sent to me.  I took a picture of what I sent her and I'm sure she'll like it and it will definitely be a challenge to her.  I can't post that photo until AFTER she gets her package.  But since she's on vacation....no!  I won't! 

Geneva sent me a marvelous Bead Soup Blog Hop box of marvelous things. First off was the metallic flower focal.  She actually wrote me a note saying she had two different color challenges in mind when picking things for me.  She picked pinks and purples then looked at this focal piece and thought is needed some gunmetal gray mixed in.  I can't decide what to make.  Since I'm in the mood to make bead embroidered collars, I think that is where I'm leaning too.  Or maybe something else will grab my attention.  I'm in a happy bead place!


Shai Williams said...

I just love that focal! I don't play with seedbeads but I can almost picture a victorian, steampunk collar.

Pretty Things said...

I really would love a flower in silver... all I have is brass!