Friday, September 23, 2011

Why we got new floors

When I was growing up, only people we considered "rich" had wall to wall carpet. All the houses we lived in had hard wood floors with rugs. So back in 1989 when we were building this house, we decided that we mainly wanted carpet. Now this carpet has been replaced once, but none of it has worn very well. Don't know it that is because of the quality of the carpet or the fact that we have three Scotties. Some people think Scotties are small dogs, but they really are considered medium size and boy do they have big feet. Especially when they've been out in the muddy yard and bring back in a half ton of mulch each. So we decided it is time for new flooring. It was a tough choice to replace everything with more carpet and tile or just hard flooring. Since the dogs are all older, and all have been having accidents regularly, we decided to go with laminate hard floor. I have to keep reminding myself of WHY! So these pictures will help me explain why...

This is Frodo, and no! those stains were not made by him. When the girls both had bladder infections last month, they both had blood in their urine, and I swear but no amount of Nature's Miracle will get that blood out. Chris tried Oxyclean and a scrub brush, but that stain kept reappearing.

This is our kitchen flooring. It is an old when the house was built. Chris has stripped this and scrubbed it so much that some of the pattern is a little worn. It doesn't look too bad, but we were just so sick of all those little squares.

The furniture is pulled out here waiting for the flooring guys to come, and in honestly this room is probably one of the best as the dogs are not allowed in there. When we had SkyeBlue and she dumped a big pot of dirt on this floor when it was brand spanking new and that stain is STILL there.

This WAS the dining room. We rarely have big dinners here anymore, so we've decided to make this into a studio so I can work on projects upstairs & let the dogs in. Oh yes, this was the room where sneak peeing happened until the gates were put up.

Here is Frodo looking out the back door. As you can see, we have towels to keep mud prints from getting all over the place. I so want to get rid of this.

Here is Chris staining the baseboards with someone wanting to help him. Arwen is always such a good helper. At least she didn't get her nose in the stain.

And here she is giving Chris a "reward" for doing a great job.

So this is to remind me of what this all looked like before the flooring. The team came and did the scheduled three day job in just 9 hours. It is amazing. We are still putting things together and IF the SUN every comes out again, I'll take some pictures to show the after. It is pretty dramatic.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh, I know so well why you are replacing the carpet. My last remaining dog is not well. When he is gone, I'm going to try not to have another dog until someone can be home all day. I'm also going to have house recarpeted. We have always had BIG dogs...100 to 125 pounds, and HAIRY dogs. After losing Jack, and Junior being ill, I'm thinking I need break...and a clean least for a while.