Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Little Folks Part 1

I belong to another doll group in Ohio based in Akron called "Time for Dolls". Two of my friends (Pam and Mary) started this group for local doll artist to get together, learn from each other & once a year have a teacher come in to teach. This year, the group chose Ute Vasina to teach Little Folks. I had taken this class from Ute back in 2009 at AFIC, but I was so exhausted by the second day of class that it was hard for me to focus. So this time I decided that I would be relaxed & refreshed so I could enjoy the class & actually learn some new techniques that my fried brain did not store away. I drove up to Akron Friday night & stayed with Pam. Pam, Mary, Ute and I went out for a nice dinner and to catch up on each others' lives. After a couple adult drinks, it was bed time, and I just slept like a baby. Next morning it was time to have some fun.

Pam had found a great place for us to have class. It is called Craft Akron and was a great spot with lots of room for the 15 of us to spread out. The lighting was perfect and there were plenty of outlets for our sewing machines and Ott lamps. Ute had us do a little homework before the initial class. I was able to do a little more than she wanted as I already had a edge up knowing what she expected of us. I had all my parts stuffed, but Ute told me my heads were too hard so out came the hemostats and out came the stuffing.
We spent the morning needle sculpting the head. I love large noses on my dolls so this one got an extra big honker, and then Ute showed us how to give our Little Folks lots of wrinkles.

I actually made two heads as I wanted to get two dolls done. Here they both are with eyelids and ears attached. Look at the adorable teeth. Ute's secret was shared with us all.

This is the female doll I wanted to create. Doesn't she have the greatest boobs? Yes those nipples are 6mm glass pearls.
Here she is all clothed and ready to pose. I forgot to bring brushes to class so she hasn't gotten her coloring yet. I'm going to wait until I'm at home & can put down plenty of papers to catch all the chalk dust.

On the second day we made shoes for our Little Folks. Most people sewed up the shoes using cotton fabrics, but I had this great Spiderman t-shirt that I bought at Goodwill and thought it would be perfect for shoes. So Ute, showed me how to make these shoes with t-shirt material and glue. It was fun to see all these pairs of legs with shoes attached drying on the coffee table. Carolyn did these cute polka dot shoes. Adorable.Here are the two dolls I made at the end of the second day. The female has purchases shoes from a couple years ago. I knew I'd find something to do with them one of these days. Don't you love the shirt the male troll is wearing. Guess where I got the material from? Shocks! My niece had given me a bag of one of a kind socks, and when Ute saw this one sock she just giggled with glee saying wouldn't it be perfect for my sleepy eyed troll. Well, yes it is.

Stay tune for the next couple of days as I'll post more pictures about the Little Folks class.


Cody Goodin said...

These are so cute. It almost makes me want to have a go. I swore off of fabric based dolls long ago due to my arthritic thumbs. Fun stuff for sure and Ute is a sweetie.

Marlene Brady said...

Wow, that was a real treat for me--thank you. Amazing work. Just amazing.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

OMGosh!! I used to needle sculture little doll heads back in the 80's. I made a lot of dolls then. Funny how life can get in the way and zap your time into no where. I love these dolls. What is the fabric you used for he faces? It looks like fleece and I am interested to know what it is. I forget what I used to use, but this fabric looks, well, more pliable...scrunchable.

I LOVE your boobies!!

Aquariart said...

So fun, they have so much character and personality!! Love these little people!

Trollsngoblins said...

That is amazing!

I happenstanced along your blog looking for tips on needlesculpting and found this pearl of an entry!

And so close to what I wish to make!

Amazing! I can't say that enough!