Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Little Folks Part 2

After everyone enjoyed looking at Ute's Trolls (especially Stanley), Mary introduced Ute to the group. From the very first moments of the class, we all knew we were going to have a blast.

I sat next to Pam throughout the class. We had plenty of room to spread out. Evelyn sat next to me, and we had our "invisible" borders but you know what? by the end of two days everything was all over the place. The floors behind us had fabric, papers, scissors, and everything thing else strewn all over the place. But somehow we all found what we needed & semi kept the place organized.

Ute had me hold the camera and take a picture of us together. I think we'd just got back from lunch here. I was pretty well caffeinated and Ute...was just Ute!

Everyone jumped into work stuffing and sewing away. It was fun to share stories and gossip.

Oh and Ute even did double duties as teacher & waitress. Mary brought us "energy pills" or Dunkin Donuts holes. Like I always say "I've never met a donut that I don't love". I think everyone enjoyed these wee little bits of heaven.

Ute was sharing a hint on how to get the legs stuffed around an armature so the Little Folks could stand all alone.

Phyllis and Joanne from Glad Rags group were busy attaching ears to their trolls.

Ute it inspecting the great troll shoes as Carolyn is adding wrinkles to her shoes.

On Saturday night, Pam had reservations for us at Papa Joes. It was probably the most delicious Italian food I'd had. Mary wanted to start with dessert, but we all instead had drinks. I had this great dish with sausage and meatballs. Ute had something with chicken livers in it. I think I saw some lasagna and chicken on the table along with bread, bread, and more bread! Vera had some fish entree that smelled delicious. All the time, we talked and laughed and just enjoyed our time together.

Tomorrow will be the next part showing some of the troll heads and parts.


Enchanted Doll Maker said...

That was great Dot. I was just about to tell my story of the weekend too! It was a great workshop wasn't it? Great pictures.

UteV said...

OMG! I think you captured the entire weekend. I love it and all the commentary and pics. You rock! ;-)

Carol said...

Thanks for posting part two. You certainly had a great time. I can't wait to see the HEADS!!