Monday, April 4, 2011


Well, I managed to make the Deadline for the 2011 Bead Dreams challenge. The deadline is April 5ht, but I was afraid I'd have some computer issues or anything else to get in the way so I completed the entry for just now. I entered Gaia's Playground which is what I called the piece Rachel's Dream after I've spent over 50 hours completing the piece after it was returned to me from Best of 2010 in January. I was never really happy with it as I got so lazy at the end and didn't finish the edges. I made so many flowers and covered the edges all the way around with new types of flowers, crystals and pearls. I'm happy and now say it is DONE! I also entered Wild Wet Ride which was my attempt at making an original doll with my own pattern AND using flat peyote sewn onto the doll using the fabric as a pattern. Last year, I didn't get my two pieces into the show so I'm not holding my breath for this year either, but hey! we have to try don't we??

I was writing to Cynthia that since I decided to let the dolls to the side an concentrate on beading, now all that pops into my head is how to make this doll and that doll. I've actually been drawing patterns and coming up with new ideas for new dolls. One of my AFIC pieces for the Challenge "Look Ma, No Stands" has 7 individual dolls using three new patterns I made by myself. It is close to getting done. All the sewing is done, and tomorrow we are going to finish the top layer, then all I have to do is a little tweaking here and there. I think everyone is going to be blown away at AFIC by this as it is TALL and it has very few beads on it. I've also got on the table another new pattern for the Doll Street Dreamers' Challenge for AFIC calling for Steampunk. I don't haven time to do everything that I want for this piece, so Chris is making half and I'm making the other. I contacted Judy Skeel & she said it was okay as long as I met the criteria and got it to her by the 15th. I've got some sewing to do for this one, but I must admit that Hal and I are fast becoming friends...really...I want to sew now! Imagine me saying this 4 years ago...I don't think so.

Meanwhile, to keep my fingers nimble and to keep beading, I've come up with this little project that I'll be teaching at Bead Club in May at 1 Stop. It might turn into a class. We'll see. It is called Finger Cuffs and yes! it is not an original idea, but I think I've done some things to make it mine.
I've also been working on some beaded bangle to sell at AFIC. I need some slush fund money for my trip in June to Bead and Button.

As for the Scotties, it is that time of the year with thunderstorms and swamps. I keep hearing the weather alert radio going off reminding us that we are in a Flash Flood Alert. I really don't worry to much about that here as our house sits highest in the neighborhood so we rarely get flooding in our basement, but luckily this Winter Victor put in a big new sump pump for us while Chris was sick. I can hear that thing roaring to life all the time, but it keeps my Art Cave dry.

Well, enough for now. I really have to make some dinner and get myself in the mental mood for four more days at work.

{It has been brought to my attention that I have been remiss in several things concerning the ring cuffs pictured above. First is that I did not link to the blog where I had gotten the original inspiration. The blog I was referring to was Nicole Campanella's BeadWright. The post was from March 19th about her Comfort Rings. I follow Nicole's blog all the time, and find great inspiration from all the things she creates and shares with us. Secondly, I should have checked the actual name "Finger Cuffs" to see if it had been copy right by any other artist or was being used in a similar project. Lastly, I will not be teaching a Ring Cuff class as I find it is too challenging for a beginner to work on such a small area while learning basic bead embroidery stitches. Dot. 7/20/11}


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! You are really cranking the beading out! Good luck with the contests.

angelself said...

Wowee! Yes, a gorgeous piece..and I'm really loving your version of finger cuffs..very cute =) Kathryn

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I LOVE color! said...

Hey I love your cuff bracelets. I am sooo late at getting to the list of artist. Be Blessed