Sunday, April 17, 2011

SteamPunk ShowDown

Chris & I have been having fun doing more collaboration pieces. This one is a semi Steampunk set which is called "SteamPunk ShowDown". It is for the DollStreet Dreamer's Steampunk challenge that will be displayed at AFIC the last weekend of this month. Chris did the Bot and I did the boy.

They boy started out as my new pattern. My New Year's resolution to myself this year is to learn to make my own doll forms so I can use them for my work without having to give credit to other artist. Plus in the future, I hope to sell my patterns or actually teach doll making. Therefore, I spend time drawing patterns, sewing them up, stuffing them, tweaking them, needle sculpting them, and doing it all over again until I can be happy. I wanted to make this a chubby little boy who spends more time tinkering in his work shop building things such as the robot he is facing with his remote control. He's dressed up in his space boy helmet and has a cape around his neck as he's always trying to figure out how to fly. His helmet is an old glass votive holder and the remote control box started off as a flippie container for beads. His eyes are vintage nail heads and he is standing on a piece of lucite. The only thing I'm unhappy about with this is the shoes. I didn't have time to finish up around the shoes so he just looks like he is standing in a puddle of mud. I've been experimenting with faces, and here I gave him a gap tooth grin which is hard to see from these pictures, but he does have a sweet little smile.

The bot started out as a metal canister of bath salts and with Chris' imagination he turned into a full fledged bot with his innards magnified with a lens from our collection of corrective eye glass lenses we bought years ago. Chris used his supply of radio tubes, ploy clay, and other things we have in our stash to give his bot life. His glowing eyes are volcano crystal rivolis I beaded. Chris gave the Bot his own remote control as really who here is in control? The Boy or the Bot? The Bot or the Boy?

To see more pictures of the Bot click here which will take you to Chris' blog MacRadioBot

These were so fun to make & we already have more ideas for collaboration after AFIC is complete.

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Karen Mallory said...

That is really cool! I want to do a Steampunk doll! How neat that you and your hubby are both crafty!!
hugs Karen