Friday, April 22, 2011

Goodies from ArtBeads

Monday I received a great package from ArtBeads. I'm a one of their Design bloggers & this time around the event and challenge is "What is Old is New". Right up my alley, right? I have an idea, but I still need to have some time to let it percolate in the old noggin before I get these beads and cabochons to really "speak" to me. Aren't these great glass Cabs? And I love the new copper retro buttons. I'm thinking of doing something with one of the old vintage transistor radios Chris has decided to part with. Something beach theme. Also don't you just love the fire polish? These actually look copper when you take them out into the Sun. Which I would do today on this Earth Day but it disappeared (AGAIN) and looks like we won't have Sun until next Thursday.

ArtBeads is also having a Mom's Challenge : Enter your Mother's Day design & win a $250 worth gift card. AMAZING! I doubt I have time to do this as AFIC is next week & I still have things to get done for DC Design's vendor weigh out some wool roving, put prices on things & just organize a little better.

Well, I have tonight off from work. I've got so much to do but I hear my beads calling me, calling me, calling me. One thing I MUST do tonight & give some dogs bathes. I think some people will probably come over here next week since I live only 5 minutes from the hotel & I don't want them all thinking my house stinks like dog (it does, but come on...we have three dogs). Fiona has very oily skin so I don't want folks getting stains on their clothes when they pet my sweet Fi & then rub their hands on their pants...and Arwen is a little "greasy" too because it is Spring & she gets so itchy. Frodo...nothing wrong with that boy. I think if I gave him a bath once a year that would be good for him. Funny, but he always smells so sweet...guess it is just his personality.

Hope you all are having a great Earth Day. I think I need to thinking about recycling those beads from one area of my work table to another! You know I'll get down there start looking at things & just get into a sparkle trance.


AJ said...

I'm really excited about this new Artbeads challenge. I need to decide what I want to do and order my beads! Can't wait to see what you make :)

Lynn said...

I almost bought those copper vintage beads! Love the cabochon too (didn't even see that on the site - they have soooo much stuff!).

I was the first bidder on your BFAC piece :)

Nothing like a nice clean dog ! Not that it lasts long......