Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dot's Bookcase: Metal Clay 101 for Beaders

Metal Clay 101 for Beaders
Create Custom Findings, Beads, Embellishments & Charms
Kristal Wick

When you were young, did your parents have you write out a Christmas wish list?  As soon as the Christmas catalogs started showing up in our mailbox, we’d start the scurry of looking them through each page trying to find THE THING that would make us so excited on Christmas morning.  My Mom would cut out different colored construction paper markers for each of us to use in the catalogs as place markers.  We were each allowed ten markers to choose ten possible things we wanted for Christmas.  Then we wrote down a wish list using the colorful place markers as reminders in our childish scrawl.  I would sometimes help my siblings that couldn’t write to compose their wish list getting just as excited as they were.  My Mom then would SEND our wish list to Santa with the confirmation that we’d be guaranteed at least one thing from our list from Santa.  You never knew which one it was but the anticipation and the hours of exploration kept six active kids busy from Thanksgiving on to the big day.  Now days, I don’t do wish lists as I pretty much buy what I need when I need it, but I actually have a semi-formal wish list for Santa to check out.  And what is it that I put on that wish list?

Well, after looking over Kristal Wick’s newest book published in October 2013, about creating ‘custom findings, beads, embellishments & charms’, I think I might want a kiln.  Metal Clay 101 for Beaders is another amazing book by Kristal Wick teaming full of temptations and ideas for the average Beaders to take their art work one step above by experimenting with Metal clay.  Not only does Kristal show fantastic closing to finish up your beadwork, but also she demonstrates techniques in sculpting and embellishing the Metal Clay.  I really enjoyed the how applied patinas give the whole piece a completely different look.  Who knew that hard-boiled eggs or Miracle Grow plant food could be used to create a unique appearance.

Sculpting, texturing, hammering and creating unique patterns and patinas will take Metal Clay from a lump to a startling piece of art jewelry with insights from Kristal’s book.  Throw in page after page of stunning projects with detailed instructions, experimentation, and a sprinkling of fun to cause you to hold your breath to see what comes out of the kiln.  
Puzzle Bracelet on page 55 uses texture plates to produce this amazing design.  Add semi precious chips to resin to make a stunning addition.

Wire Lace Crystal Netting bracelet has the most amazing toggle and clasp system.  If I could make unique pieces like this then this book definitely is a winner.  Santa, can I have that kiln?
 Lark has a wonderful interview with Kristal here.

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