Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Swimming Mermaid

Finally finished my swimming mermaid doll.  I experimented with sculpting the body manipulating the fabric by folds and tacking down to give the doll a more dimensional appearance.

I didn't make the breast out of cloth, but decided to just cut in half a commercially bought felt ball. 

I also decided after needle sculpting the face that I wanted to do something different with the face than use nail heads.  So I found my bag of scrap felt and embroidery floss.  Very cute with the black glass drop beads for the eyes.  A little color on the lips and cheeks finishing up a head a little different than what I usually do
To achieve a fish scale look, I used the fan technque with left over pearls and other beads residing on my work desk
I used a fringing technique that mimics sea weed for the hair

And with some weights inside her body, I don't have to worry about a doll stand as she's just swimming in the currents.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This litte girl has so much character. I like what you did with her face too. I have been meaning to come here to see if I missed posts. I love those little buckeyes you shared on FB too!

Have a great weekend.