Friday, October 4, 2013

Dot's BookCase: Marcia DeCoster's Beads in Motion

Marcia DeCoster’s
 Beads In Motion: 24 Jewelry Projects That Spin, Sway, Swing, And Slide

Marcia DeCoster, one of the most beloved Jewelry Artist in the world has wowed us again with Beads in Motion from Lark Jewelry & Beading Bead Inspirations series.  Marcia’s first book Beaded Opulence a part of Lark’s Bead weaving Master Class series is still an inspiration of bead weavers, now has a companion book from Marcia that is playful and delightful using motion as the beginning trigger for each of the 24 projects. 

I have to admit that I’ve taken more classes with Marcia than any one else and each time I’ve been pushed to use the techniques she’s shown me to go outside the box and incorporate them into my own view work.  With glamorous photos of each project showing it completed and then how it MOVES combined with Marcia’s signature illustrations, each project can be successfully completed.  Having a piece of Art that you can spin, sway, swing or slide can be a constant reminder of how FUN jewelry can become. 

Right Angle Weave used with crystals and pearls create a stunning piece of joy in Carousel Bracelet (Pg. 54) creating a spinner on the top gliding around the focal element which is a perfect distraction while waiting in traffic.  Riveted Necklace (Pg. 70) is just a delight to look at which the stunning color combinations Marcia has shared for this project.  Necklace and pendant spinning around a central beaded rivet is a stunning piece of Art that will be attract attention when you wear it.  Be prepared to have everyone wanting to admire this stunner.  

Passion Flower Bolo (Pg. 110) uses daggers and a central crystal bezeled Rivoli to make a sparkling bloom that can be used in a pretty mesh chain.  I could definitely see Rita Hayworth wearing something like this in a seductive Film Noir movie, but here you have the project to make you feel like a Movie Star out on the town.

The last project in Beads in Motion is Marcia’s stunning Rings of Saturn Necklace (Pg 114) that I can tell you are delightful to make (oh yes, I’ve made two from purchased kits and actually sold both of them while wearing  at art shows).  Three crystal embellished rings spin around a central peyote vessel creating a sparkling effect that will definitely have all eyes in the room looking at you. 
If you ever get a chance to take a class with Marcia, you will be delighted and enchanted with her as a teacher and a jewelry designer.  Marcia is always experimenting with new designs and computer skills and shares her world with followers on her blog.  Until then, you just must add Marcia DeCoster’s Beads in Motion to your Christmas list…or why wait!  But it NOW and enjoy creating flowing moving jewelry that will make the child inside you extremely happy.

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